Black Ops Cold War players slam “greedy” Season 5 Battle Pass over Kyubi skin issues

Kyubi Kitsune skin in Black Ops Cold War Season 5

The Black Ops Cold War Season Five Battle Pass has become a point of controversy, as players are claiming that it’s preventing them from getting the new Kyubi skin. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 5 has brought a ton of changes for fans to explore, including the Double Agent mode,  new Scorestreak, and new guns like the EM2 Assault Rifle and TEC-9 SMG.

While most of the new content in the Season 5 Battle Pass has been well-received, there is some controversy involving the Kyubi Kitsune skin. Fans have claimed that the marketing for the skin was misleading.

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Kyubi Kitsune skin in Cold War

The Kyubi skin is available in Black Ops Cold War for a limited time, but Redditor ‘Chillenge‘ pointed out that players are unable to acquire it if they’ve already purchased the Seasonal Pass.

“Getting the 1000 CP regular Battle Pass does not unlock limited time Kyubi skin,” they warned. “If you want this skin, YOU NEED to get the 2400 Battle Pass bundle with Tier Skip in order to unlock this skin.”

This was particularly frustrating to fans who realized that they’d need to purchase a bundle over twice the price of the standard Battle Pass for the skin.

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Some of the commenters were quick to label Activision as “greedy” and “misleading” for this decision, while others pointed out that the details of the Kyubi skin were included in the patch notes.

While it makes sense to charge extra for a bonus skin, the limited ways to acquire it were understandably disappointing to fans. Still, it’s worth getting your hands on this neat-looking cosmetic.

Season 5 also has plenty of other new Operators, and so be sure to stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for future Black Ops Cold War news and guides.

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Image Credits: Activision