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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War players call for snipers to get complete rework

Players are not happy with the Black Ops Cold War snipers and are calling for a complete rework of one of the most awkward weapon classes.



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Players have recently expressed why Black Ops Cold War snipers desperately need to be reworked completely.

Black Ops Cold War has entered season 5, and players still feel like snipers are in an awkward place. While every patch and major update comes with tweaks to weapons, Treyarch and Raven Software haven’t quite figured out Snipers.

This has led to players getting frustrated with the current state of the Black Ops Cold War snipers. Hundreds of players have taken to the Cold War subreddit to express their griefs and give suggestions.

Cold War Snipers need a rework

A post from u/Draculagged on r/blackopscoldwar claimed that snipers aren’t fun to play against anymore but also aren’t fun to use. They also provided a list of changes that could fix snipers while pleasing everyone.

  • Speed up ADS
  • Increase flinch
  • Delete precision/focusing aim assist

Of the 200+ comments, the majority seem to agree with Draculagged’s opinion. More than aim assist and flinch, it seems players have an issue with the speed of ADS.

Players believe that aiming down sights is incredibly slow and that the ADS animation takes long and can throw off shots. Many players also believe that slower ADS is why many players choose to camp lanes with snipers.

Players’ complaints go beyond the Black Ops Cold War snipers, and many claimed that ADS across the board is too slow.

In regards to snipers, players feel that they should return to the state they were in MW19 or Black Ops 2 & 3.

Cold War snipers are in a very unusual spot at the moment where at times, they feel extremely overpowered and then feel clunky and odd to use at other times, leading to players feeling like a complete overhaul is needed for this weapon category.

But what do you think? Are Black Ops Cold War snipers in a weird place, or are they fine the way they are?

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Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch Studios