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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War players want overhaul to objective points

Players are earning significantly lower scores for playing the objective.



Black Ops Cold War players have reported earning low scores for playing the objective in multiplayer matches, asking for developers Treyarch to investigate possible changes.

The new Scorestreak system in Cold War highly rewards killstreaks. As you rack up kills in a single life, the score earned for each kill increases. This allows players to feel rewarded when achieving those high-end killstreaks such as the Chopper Gunner or Gunship.

On the flip side of this, in comparison to getting kills, the game offers very little score for playing the objective.

The Scorestreak System, as opposed to Modern Warfare’s Killstreak System, is supposed to reward playing the objective and getting kills. However, Cold War players feel that they are not being rewarded enough for playing the objective, which in turn negatively affects gameplay.

Player feedback

In a post on Reddit, user Prince_Odo shared the scoreboard after a match of Hardpoint. They had captured and defended the hardpoint all round, having 236 seconds on the objective for a round played. This is a significantly high time to be on the objective, almost reaching the game-winning score of 250 points themself.

The scoreboard did not reflect their contribution. Although nearly reaching the maximum time, they had a significantly lower score than other players on their team. The players higher up on the scoreboard had less than 10 seconds on the hardpoint each, yet earned as much as 2,000 points more than Prince_Odo.

Damage dealt appears to have been the contributing factor to points earned. All other players had over 4,000 damage dealt over the course of the match and were rewarded with a high score. Prince_Odo had 3,000 damage and nine kills on the objective.

Players are asking Treyarch to boost the scores earned for playing the objective. Unless you are playing to boost your win/loss ratio, there is very little incentive to be playing the objective. Weapons and player level rank up significantly slower in Cold War than in other CoD titles, so concentrating on playing the objective will slow this process down.

Treyarch hasn’t commented on tweaking score earning but has promised various adjustments by Season 1 on December 10.