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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War players are already frustrated with League Play

Despite only being added very recently, Black Ops Cold War’s League Play is already being called “a joke” by the CoD community.



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One of Black Ops Cold War’s most requested features is already being slammed by the Call of Duty community and is being called “a joke”. Players are frustrated with the League Play system and want changes to be made.

Barely 24 hours after its official February 8 launch, passionate Call of Duty players are already showing their displeasure towards Black Ops Cold War’s new League Play system. The long-awaited addition has brought all sorts of cool new features such as competitive divisions, ranks, and rewards.

However, despite the fact that League Play was brought in to rid players of the frustrating nature of SBMM, the conditions under which League Play is contested has arguably raised just as many questions.

It’s taken four months for Treyarch to reimplement a successful system they’ve featured in previous CoD games, most recently Black Ops IIII. But several bones of contention have already been picked with the system’s flaws.

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These grievances have been aired in a thread on the official Black Ops Cold War Reddit page. User mark727 created the “League play is a joke” post, and it has gained lots of traction.

The first major issue cited is that your League Play Skill Level is affected by how much time you play the game, not just how good you are. As we discussed in our “How to rank up” guide for League Play, players can earn bonuses just for simply playing each day.

mark727 said, “What’s the point of having a competitive system that favors playtime over skill? Why wasn’t an Elo system similar to Call of Duty: WW2 used which favors skill?”

Another issue is that League Play seems to be suffering from more instances of poor matchmaking and players not being punished for leaving early by closing the game.

Our user said, “Between this poor system, bad team balancing and ZERO penalty for closing your game, this is the worst version of league play we have ever had. Imagine having no penalty for closing your game, people are leaving games left and right.”

This is definitely a concerning issue because the official Call of Duty blog post discussed these parameters of League Play in complete detail.

“We take match integrity seriously, and poor sportsmanship isn’t tolerated. Any players who quit a League Play match will receive Ladder Point penalties and a match loss, and increased penalties will be applied for players who quit a match before anyone else on their team does.”

At the moment this doesn’t seem to be the case. Though it seems people are having to do this as players are still finding ways to hack the game, causing players to become angry and leave, understandably.

Another Reddit user said this on the issue, “Just played my 5 matches and the first two matches had cheaters in them, lol was dumb, the next 3 were ok but people just left and in two was the last one left.”

Interestingly, Treyarch game design director David Vonderhaar has commented on the complaints saying that a proper explanation for the system is coming.

Given how new League Play is for Black Ops Cold War, it may be some time before any significant changes are made to the system.

If repeated comments from the pros and gamers in general continue to flood in, then it’s possible that the game will undergo some serious alterations.

Image credits: Treyarch