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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Best Marksman Rifles in Warzone 2: Season 1 ranked list

Here’s our guide on the best Warzone 2 Marksman Rifles and every Marksman Rifle ranked so you know which one to level up.



warzone 2 marksman rifles

Warzone 2’s Marksman Rifle weapon category may not be the most popular, but they sure do pack-a-punch if the player is accurate. For those looking to pick up a Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2, but are unsure which one is for them, here’s our ranked list.

Marksman Rifles in Warzone 2 may not be the most popular weapon choice in Season 1, with Assault Rifles and SMGs taking up spots in the meta loadouts for the season.

That said, not every player has the same playstyle, as some prefer the more methodical, single-fire rifles over automatic weaponry. While the Marksman Rifles don’t exactly have the best reputation in Warzone 2, some of them are extremely powerful.

With that said, here’s our recommendation for the best Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2 and every Marksman Rifle ranked.

Best Warzone 2 Marksman Rifles ranked list

In Warzone 2 Season 1, there are six Marksman Rifles to choose from, all providing a different option with varying stats. Here are all of the Marksman Rifles ranked from best to worst:

  1. SP-R 208
  2. EBR-14
  3. LM-S
  4. TAQ-M
  5. SA-B 50
  6. Lockwood MK2

Best Warzone 2 Marksman Rifle

6. Lockwood MK2

lockwood mk2 in warzone 2

In last place we have the Lockwood MK2, which is a lever-action rifle that has a very “old-west” feel to it. While this Marksman Rifle has great damage and range, its fire rate, recoil control, and accuracy let it down when it comes to versatility and consistency in Warzone 2.

It’s definitely not a bad weapon, as it has great one-shot potential, however, you’d really need to master the Lockwood MK2 in order to consistently outperform other players with much faster weapons.

5. SA-B 50

sa-b 50 in modern warfare 2 and warzone 2

Next up we have the SA-B 50, which is one of the weapon category’s bolt-action rifles. Despite having promising stats, with great damage, range, fire rate, handling, and mobility, there’s another bolt-action rifle in this category that just outdoes the SA-B 50 when it comes to overall performance in Warzone 2.

4. TAQ-M

taq-m in modern warfare 2

In fourth, we have the TAQ-M semi-automatic Marksman Rifle, which has deadly damage, but an extremely slow fire rate.

While this weapon can definitely be efficient, two-shotting most enemies even with armor, especially if you get a head-shot, unfortunately, its fire rate means that most times you may not get the chance to shoot an enemy twice.

3. LM-S

lm-s warzone 2

In third, we have the LM-S Marksman Rifle, which stands as the fastest-firing semi-automatic rifle in Warzone 2. This weapon has a great fire rate for a high-damage single-fire weapon, meaning its TTK is faster than that of the TAQ-M.

However, its accuracy, mobility, and handling prevent it from being the best semi-automatic rifle in Warzone 2.

2. EBR-14

ebr-14 in modern warfare 2

The EBR-14 is a classic semi-automatic rifle that definitely packs a punch, with great damage for a semi-automatic weapon that can two-shot enemies all over Al Mazrah.

The sheer damage combined with great accuracy, range, handling, and recoil control makes the EBR-14 the best semi-automatic Marksman Rifle in the game, allowing players to two-shot enemies even from fairly far out.

1. SP-R 208 – Best Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2

sp-r 208 sniper rifle in warzone 2

In first place, we have the SP-R 208 as the best Marksman Rifle in Warzone 2. This weapon may as well be a Sniper Rifle, as it’s a bolt-action rifle that does serious damage, while also retaining some great mobility and handling stats.

The reason this is number one on the list is due to its high accuracy, mobility, and handling, which means players will be able to get shots off with this weapon extremely quickly while maintaining accuracy.

If you like to quickscope or engage in close-range sniping, this is definitely the Marksman Rifle for you.

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Image Credits: Activision