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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Best wall weapons to use in Black Ops Cold War Zombies



Players often dismiss wall weapons in zombies as useless, but this isn’t the case in Black Ops Cold War’s Die Maschine map.

Tired of random mystery box spins? Do you want a solid weapon in Die Maschine you can upgrade and pack a punch? Here’s our pick for the 3 best wall weapons in the new map.

Gallo SA12

To be perfectly clear, the SA12 is by far the best weapon to run in Zombies. At first, it comes with 9 high power shotgun shells, but when pack-a-punched is becomes the H-NGM-N. The upgrade comes with a boost to 21 shots at once, and when you reload, each shell gives you 3 additional shots.

It’s ultra powerful against boss zombies, wiping out their health in just a few well placed head shots. It also turns an entire crowd of zombies into red mist when pack-a-punched just once.

It comes at base as a tier 3 damage weapon, but if you fully pack-a-punch it and upgrade it to tier 5 at the upgrade station, you’ll have the ultimate tool for taking out all zombies.

You can find this weapon on the crashed plane, near the Juggernog machine.


The XM4 is a tier 2 damage weapon that offers modest firepower but becomes a bullet machine when pack-a-punched.

The Xenomatter 4000 upgrade gives the weapon a 70 round magazine, perfect for wiping out an entire horde of zombies. It’s recommended you upgrade this weapon to tier 3 damage as soon as possible at an upgrade station to really give the weapon the opportunity to shine.

Combined with the Brain Rot ammo mod, you’ll make plenty of friendly zombies as you spam shots into large crowds with its impressive fire rate.

You can find this weapon in the tunnel by the entrance of the lab.

Krig 6

The Krig 6 is a consistent and powerful weapon. It’s great for landing accurate headshots while retaining great control. The recoil is minimal and the damage output is high for a wall weapon, coming with Tier 3 damage.

When pack-a-punched, the weapon becomes the Blitzkrig 99, with double the ammo in each magazine. Combined with the Napalm Burst ammo upgrade and the Deadshot daqurai perk, you’ll mow through zombies as long as you’re aiming for the head.