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Best Pokemon to use in Scarlet & Violet Nuzlocke challenge

Here are the Best Pokemon to use in Scarlet and Violet Nuzlockes to help you complete the difficult challenge.



Fuecoco Terastallize

A Scarlet and Violet Nuzlocke challenge is no simple task but with the best Pokemon at your disposal, you can see the challenge through to the end.

If you’ve completed all three of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet main story quests, there’s plenty of post-game content to enjoy. Catching all of the Legendary Pokemon in the game is one way to stay busy. In addition, many players are attempting Scarlet and Violet Nuzlocke challenges.

If you’ve transferred your Pokemon to Pokemon Home once the service is available, or you don’t mind starting a new game, the Pokemon Nuzlocke presents Trainers with the toughest challenge available in Pokemon games.

Here’s how to Nuzlocke Scarlet & Violet and the best Pokemon to use for your playthrough.

How to Nuzlocke Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Due to the open world environment in Scarlet and Violet, taking on a Nuzlocke challenge will require some additional rules that Trainers must follow. Of course, the two main Nuzlocke rules of only catching the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area and not being able to use a Pokemon once it faints will remain untouched.

Given that Pokemon can be seen in the overworld, you’ll have to close your eyes as you wander into a new area for your new encounter.

In addition to this important encounter rule, players are free to add their own self-imposed rules to increase the Nuzlocke’s difficulty. Popular ones include no over-leveling the next Gym Leader and refusing to switch Pokemon after you’ve defeated one of your opponent’s Pokemon.

Best Pokemon for Scarlet & Violet Nuzlocke

We’ve compiled a list of five Pokemon that we think will drastically aid your Scarlet & Violet Nuzlocke challenge. Given the nature of random encounters, it’s unlikely that you’ll have all of the following Pokemon at your disposal.

Nonetheless, the Pokemon below are considered some of the best encounters for a Scarlet and Violet Nuzlocke challenge.

Fuecoco, Crocalor & Skeledirge Scarlet & Violet Nuzlocke

Skeledirge Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Fuecoco’s evolution line is so overpowered in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Nuzlockes that some players have opted to ban it for increased difficulty. Fuecoco is the optimal starter to begin your Nuzlocke.

Once players evolve their Crocalor into Skeledirge, they’ll have an incredibly powerful Pokemon on their hands. Its signature move Torch Song is an 80 base power move that increases Skeledirge’s Special Attack after each use.

The best Pokemon for Nuzlocke’s are often judged by their ability against Gym Leaders and the Elite Four. In this regard, there’s no better Pokemon than Skeledirge as its Fire and Ghost typing can dominate 90% of the Nuzlocke’s most difficult battles.

Flamigo Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Nuzlocke

Flamigo Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Flamigo is an excellent Pokemon for Scarlet and Violet Nuzlocke’s throughout the early game. While its consistency drops off later on in your adventure, Flamigo can wreak havoc at the Cortondo, Artazon, Cascarrafa, and Medali gyms.

It’s widely available, meaning your chances of running into a Flamigo encounter are high. In addition, its Scrappy Ability is great for hitting Ghost-type Pokemon with its STAB Fighting-type moves.

Brave Bird and Close Combat can hit opposing Pokemon extremely hard, just make sure you’re in a spot to knock them out as both attacks leave Flamigo somewhat vulnerable.

Mimikyu Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Nuzlocke

Mimikyu Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Thanks to Mimikyu’s Disguise Ability, the Ghost/Fairy dual type is one of the most broken Pokemon you can use in Scarlet and Violet Nuzlockes.

Succeeding in Nuzlockes oftentimes comes down to your ability to switch into attacks. Mimikyu’s Disguise Ability protects it from the first attack it receives. This allows Mimikyu to either get a move off for free or switch in without taking damage.

Mimikyu is also immune to Normal, Dragon, and Fighting-type attacks, which further allows players to outmaneuver their opponents. Mimikyu is also widely available across Paldea, making it one of the best Nuzlocke encounters.

Annihilape Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Nuzlocke

Annihilape Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Annihilape is in contention for the title of best new Pokemon introduced in generation nine. Mankey is a common encounter in Scarlet and Violet, which makes Annihilape quite accessible.

Ghost-types are notoriously powerful options in Pokemon Nuzlockes and if you’re looking to cover one of Annihilape’s weaknesses, its common Fighting Tera Type can negate its weakness to other Ghost Pokemon.

Rage Fist is completely broken as it increases by 50 power each time Annihilape is hit with an attack. A bulky Annihilape that boosts its Attack and Defense with Bulk Up is a fantastic option for Scarlet and Violet Nuzlockes.

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Image Credit: The Pokemon Company / Game Freak