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Best knife skins in Valorant

Looking for a lethal melee weapon to improve your look? Check out these best-looking Valorant knife skins that you must try in 2023.



Oni Claw, Reaver Karambit, and Celestian Fan

Knife skins are wildly popular among Valorant players and luckily, there are a ton of exciting options. From the Glitchpop Axe to the Celestian Fan, these are the best knife skins in Valorant that should be a part of your locker.

Being a free-to-play game like Overwatch 2, Warzone, Fortnite, and Apex Legends, Valorant largely relies on micro-transactions for revenue. As a result, the developers consistently release new skins and bundles that players can flex during games.

Although Valorant skins do not provide your agents with any competitive advantage, they can drastically improve the game’s visual experience. From animations to kill effects, there’s a lot that makes them stand out from the standard guns and tactical knife.

It is no surprise that Valorant also has knife skins that are not only famous but more expensive than many gun skins. If you’re willing to diversify your collection, here’s a list of the best knife skins in Valorant.

As opposed to guns, you use your knife in every round in Valorant and unlike gun skins, knife skins in the game cannot be dropped and picked by other players. Because you can see them in-game the most and others cannot pick them, knife skins in Valorant are quite expensive.

On top of that, the trend of expensive knife skins has originated from Valorant’s unofficial predecessor, CS: GO. Due to loot boxes, knives are way more expensive, rare, and popular in CS: GO and its veterans weren’t astonished to discover a similar pattern in Valorant.

Best-looking knife skins in Valorant

8. Crimsonbeast Hammer

Crimsonbeast Hammer in Valorant
Bulky skins don’t really affect your mobility in Valorant.
  • Price: 3550 Valorant Points
  • Upgrades: VFX

Crimsonbeast is the only Hammer-style melee skin in Valorant. While other skins in the Crimsonbeast collection seem heavily inspired by Elderflame, the Hammer is unique and lets you summon the electric powers of Thor in every round.

We’re yet to witness another hammer in Valorant, and until then, the Crimsonbeast is unrivaled. Many believe that new color upgrades and animations would’ve made the hammer even better. Regardless, its fierce look and glowing, firey appearance have satisfied the majority of buyers.

7. Glitchpop Axe

Glitchpop Axe in Valorant
Glitchpop is a wildly famous skin bundle in Valorant.
  • Price : 4350 Valorant Points
  • Upgrades: Animation

The Glitchpop Axe is arguably the best Axe-style knife skin in Valorant because it has so many elements. From actively changing colors to smooth animations, you’ll love every bit of this fan-favorite cosmetic.

Despite being an axe, the Glitchpop Axe doesn’t feel bulky or slow. The swinging and pull-out animations are quick enough, and to this day, choosing between this Axe and the Glitchpop Dagger is a tough choice to make.

6. Oni Claw

Oni Claw in Valorant
The damage of melee weapons in Valorant is the same regardless of design.
  • Price : 3550 Valorant Points
  • Upgrades: VFX

The Oni Claw is the only claw-shaped knife skin in Valorant and luckily, it is one of the best-looking cosmetics in the game. Breaking all conventions, the claw is uniquely wrapped around the wielder’s wrist, and two sharp blades make it one of the most aggressive skins out there.

The intimidating Oni mask and the glowing blades make the Oni Claw one of the most detailed knife skins in Valorant. Big names like Tenz appreciated this skin at launch and even in 2023, it is hard to find a replacement.

5. Magepunk Electroblade

Magepunk Electroblade in Valorant
Valorant pros prefer sleek designs because flashy skins can be distracting.
  • Price : 3550 Valorant Points
  • Upgrades: Animations and color

The Magepunk Electroblade knife skin in Valorant has one of the most immaculate designs ever. Moreover, waves of electricity move around the knife when you pull it out and the color of these animations can be altered with upgrades.

For many players, the pulling-out animation of the Magepunk Electroblade was a deal-breaker. Apart from that, it hardly has any shortcomings and pairs well with a ton of other cosmetics.

If you want your Valorant locker to incorporate simple yet attractive knives, Magepunk Electroblade can be the ideal pick. It isn’t too flashy or bold and does its job perfectly.

4. Celestian Fan

Celestian Fan in Valorant
Valorant knife skins are far more expensive than gun skins and other cosmetics.
  • Price : 3550 Valorant Points
  • Upgrades: Animations

As opposed to some of the knives on this list, the Celestian Fan in Valorant doesn’t feel expensive. It belongs to the cheapest category of knives and offers a wide range of pull-out animations and styles.

The closed fan looks neat but the transition animation in which you open the fan is what makes this skin so appealing. Streamers like Shahzam have purchased and praised the Celestian fan for its premium feel and animations.

3. Reaver Karambit

Reaver Karambit in Valorant
You can upgrade Valorant skins through Radiant Points.
  • Price : 4350 Valorant Points
  • Upgrades: VFX and colors

Reaver is easily one of the most popular skin bundles in the history of Valorant and the Reaver Karambit was an instant success. So much so that many believe the Reaver Karambit to be a considerably better option than the 2021 Champions Karambit.

The base variant of the Reaver Karambit is as nifty as it gets and if you want to look more threatening, there are three smoky variants to choose from. The animations are exactly like the 2021 Champions Karambit and the design is better than any other Karambit in the game.

All in all, the Reaver Karambit is the complete package thanks to its sleek design, fast-paced animations, and color upgrades.

2. RGX 11z Pro Knife and Blade

RGX 11z Pro Buttterfly knife and blade in Valorant
There are different types of melee weapons in Valorant.
  • Price: 4350 Valorant Points
  • Upgrades: Animations for the blade and Randomizer for the knife.

The RGX 11z Pro is easily one of the best skin bundles in Valorant and it includes two melee skins – the RGX 11z pro butterfly knife and blade. Choosing between the RGX 11 Pro butterfly knife or blade is one of the hardest decisions for players which is why we’ve included them both here.

The RGX 11z Pro Blade turns into a full-fledged sword with its upgrade and the flip animation is simply outstanding. On the flip side, the greasy animations on the RGX 11z Pro Firefly knife make you look like a master of butterfly knives.

Alongside the animations, the RGX 11z Pro knife skins have several color options and it is unlikely you’ll ever get bored of them.

1. Champions 2022 Butterfly knife

Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife in Valorant
Valorant releases a new Champions skin bundle every year during the VCT Finals.
  • Price : 5350 Valorant Points
  • Upgrades: Animation and Champion’s Aura

If you’re confident about your Valorant skills, the Champions 2022 Butterfly knife is the best purchase to make. This is because the butterfly knife rewards you for kills and if you’re the current match MVP, it gets additional effects.

For every five kills, the Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife gets red crystals and eventually turns red if you get 25 kills. If you have 25 kills or more, the Champion’s Aura upgrade lets you summon a Champions trophy upon inspection.

The Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife is expensive but it leaves no opportunity to encourage players to get more kills and lead their team by being the MVP. The animations are slick and you undoubtedly feel like a champion while donning this cosmetic.

Well, these are the best-looking Valorant knife skins that you won’t regret spending money on. For similar content, you can check out the best anime skins in Fortnite, the rarest Fortnite skins, and how to refund skins and VP in Valorant.

Image Credits: Riot Games