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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Best guns in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Reloaded: Every weapon ranked

Modern Warfare 2 has over 50 weapons, so we’ve ranked every one from best to worst and counted down the top 10 in Season 1 Reloaded.



Best weapons in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 features over 50 weapons for players to unlock and level up but of course, some are better than others. We’ve ranked every weapon in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Reloaded from best to worst, and counted down the top 10.

Using the best weapons is as important in Modern Warfare 2 as in any Call of Duty. With even more weapons such as Chimera arriving throughout Season 1, players are absolutely spoiled for choice, But with so many weapons to unlock and get the Mastery camos for, you may be struggling with what to use.

Now we’ve had time to try all of Modern Warfare 2’s weapons throughout Season 1 Reloaded, we’ve ranked all 55 from best to worst and counted down the top 10 ahead of the Season 2 update.

Best guns in Modern Warfare 2: Ranked list

warzone 2 operators exiting plane

Before we count down the 10 best guns in Modern Warfare 2, we’ve ranked every weapon in the game from best to worst.

But, just because some weapons are lower down on the list doesn’t mean that they’re ineffective. You’ll be able to find success with almost every weapon on the list, you just might have to adjust your playstyle.

  1. Kastov-74u
  2. Lachmann Sub
  3. Chimera
  4. Kastov 762 
  5. Vaznev-9k 
  6. TAQ-56
  7. M4
  8. SPR-208
  9. Fennec 45
  10. RPK
  11. TAQ-V
  12. SP-X 80
  13. FSS Hurricane
  14. Minibak
  15. LA-B 330
  16. PDSW 528
  17. STB 556
  18. RAAL MG
  19. MCPR-300
  20. Sakin MG38
  21. Kastov 545
  22. Signal 50
  23. Rapp H
  24. Lockwood Mk2
  25. P890
  26. X12
  27. SA-B 50
  28. EBR-14
  29. 556 Icarus
  30. .50 GS 
  31. Basilisk
  32. TAQ-M
  33. HCR 56
  34. Lachmann-556
  35. VEL 46
  36. M13B
  37. BAS-P
  38. Expedite 12
  39. Victus XMR
  40. SO-14
  41. LM-S
  42. Bryson 800
  43. Bryson 890
  44. Lockwood 300
  45. FTAC Recon
  46. M16
  47. MX9
  48. Lachmann-762
  49. X13 Auto
  50. Combat Knife
  51. RPG-7
  52. Strela-P
  53. Riot Shield
  54. Pila
  55. JOKR

Best guns in Modern Warfare 2

10. RPK – Best LMG in Modern Warfare 2

RPK LMG in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2’s RPK does everything you’d require an LMG to do, boasting exceptional damage over range and low recoil. It can be made even quicker than the other LMGs thanks to its lower magazine sizes, so you won’t feel encumbered by slow movement speed.

The RPK isn’t as fast as its Kastov 762 counterpart, but if you’re more of a passive player that likes to hold lanes, then the RPK could become your favorite weapon in Modern Warfare 2.

9. Fennec 45

fennec 45 in Modern Warfare 2

It’s always handy to run fast-firing SMGs in Modern Warfare 2, and the Fennec 45 continues to be a top choice in Season 1 Reloaded.

This Submachine Gun has almost everything you want from a close-range weapon, with its high damage and insane fire rate making it capable of ripping through players with ease. It may not have the best range or accuracy but if you’re up close and personal, it’s one of your best bets.

8. M4

M4 Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2

The M4 has been a consistently powerful weapon in every Call of Duty game, and of course, it’s an excellent choice in Modern Warfare 2 as well.

Being the first Assault Rifle you’ll unlock and its Platform leading to other great choices, there’s no reason not to try out the M4 when you’re just starting out and building your first loadout. But even if you’ve been playing for a while, it’s so consistently reliable that you’ll almost never feel at a disadvantage. We just haven’t ranked it higher because it doesn’t excel in any one category.

7. SP-R 208 – Best Marksman Rifle in Modern Warfare 2

SP-R 208 in Modern Warfare 2

Quickscoping is as dominant as ever in Modern Warfare 2 and while Sniper Rifles are powerful choices, it’s the SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle that most players gravitate towards.

The SP-R has an incredibly fast ADS speed and can one-shot almost anywhere in the torso, allowing players to earn one-shot kills with ease. We’ll be surprised if the SP-R 208 stays this powerful for too long so it’s worth using ahead of February’s Season 2 update.

6. TAQ-56

TAQ-56 assault rifle in modern warfare 2

An absolute classic, the SCAR has arrived in Modern Warfare 2 as the TAQ-56 and players are delighted to see it’s finally in the meta.

Called the TAQ-56 this time around, the AR has quickly entered the spotlight thanks to its excellent damage range, incredibly low recoil, and unique iron sight. Assault Rifles are incredibly powerful in Modern Warfare 2 and the TAQ-56 can dominate up close and from a distance.

5. Vaznev-9k

Vaznev 9k in modern warfare 2

The Vaznev-9k is a powerful but easy-to-use SMG that will serve you well on any map, and in any situation.

Like the M4, the Vaznev-9k has almost everything going for it — solid damage, high mobility, and low recoil. It doesn’t excel in any one category so might lose those extremely close or long-range battles, but you’ll be able to win the majority of your gunfights with ease.

4. Kastov 762

Kastov 762 assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2’s Kastov 762 Assault Rifle is a better version of the Kastov 545, although slightly more difficult to use.

What makes the Kastov 762 so effective is its damage, where you’ll win almost any face-on-face gunfight out to around 38 meters. The confines of 6v6 multiplayer make it almost the perfect choice, it’s just a little bit more difficult to use than some of the other options on this list.

3. Chimera

Chimera in Modern Warfare 2

The Chimera is very similar to the M4 but takes the edge due to its great mobility and incredible headshot multiplier.

Striking the perfect balance between traditional Assault Rifle and SMG, the Chimera allows you to dart around the map and then take down players quickly thanks to its high fire rate and low recoil. But if you manage to get a headshot in the mix, you’ll have one of the fastest-killing weapons in your hands.

2. Lachmann Sub (MP5) – Best SMG in Modern Warfare 2

Lachmann Sub in Modern Warfare 2

MP5s are traditionally fantastic choices in any Call of Duty, and this remains true with Modern Warfare 2’s Lachmann Sub. It has almost everything you want from an SMG, having the fast TTK when up close. It’s forgiving too, so you don’t even need to be a super accurate player to get the most out of it.

Of course, you won’t be winning those long-range gunfights so use it like a traditional SMG and you’ll have no trouble dominating Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer.

1. Kastov-74u – Best Modern Warfare 2 gun in Season 1

Kastov-74u in Modern Warfare 2

There’s almost no debating that the Kastov-74u Assault Rifle is the best gun in Modern Warfare 2. With low recoil, high mobility, and an ultra-fast time to kill, you simply can’t go wrong with the Kastov-74u.

This Assault Rifle feels more like an SMG, packing the stopping power to beat both weapon classes at their best ranges. Although it received a small nerf in Season 1 Reloaded, we expect more to come later.

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Image Credit: Activision