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Best Gengar moveset in Pokemon Go

Gengar is one of the strongest Ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, and here’s the best moveset to utilize its potential in the game.



Gengar in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go lets players evolve Gastly into Gengar which is one of the most powerful Ghost-type Pokemon in the game. Here’s the best Gengar moveset in Pokemon Go for you to dominate Gym Battles, Raids, and the Go Battle League.

There are many strong attackers in Pokemon Go including Gengar. The Ghost and Poison-type Pokemon has been a fan-favorite for ages and it is no surprise that fans love it in the augmented reality mobile game as well.

Just like any Pokemon, Gengar can be useful in PvE and PvP combat challenges only with the right moveset. After you catch a Gengar with good IVs and CP, the next step is to use your TMs and teach it the best moves possible.

On that note, here’s the best Gengar moveset in Pokemon Go.

Gengar in the Pokemon anime

Best moveset for Gengar in Pokemon Go

The best moveset for Gengar in Pokemon Go includes Lick/Shadow Claw as the Fast Move and Shadow Ball as the Charged Move.

Both Lick and Shadow Claw are brilliant Ghost-type attacks. Lick has fast energy regeneration and Shadow Claw offers more damage. Based on your needs, you can choose either and get good results.

For Gengar’s ideal Charged Move, Shadow Ball is a no-brainer. You get damage, energy, and most importantly, STAB (Same-type-attack-bonus).

Focus Blast, Sludge Bomb, and Psychic can be secondary Charged Moves for Gengar as they’ll help you tackle a wider range of opponents.

All moves that Gengar can learn in Pokemon Go

Gengar can learn four Fast Moves and seven Charged Moves in Pokemon Go. These moves belong to Ghost, Dark, Psychic, Fighting, and Poison types.

Fast Moves:

  • Sucker Punch – 10 DPS (Dark)
  • Shadow claw – 15.4 DPS (Ghost)
  • Hex – 10 DPS (Ghost)
  • Lick – 12 DPS (Ghost)

Charged moves:

  • Shadow Ball – 40 DPS (Ghost)
  • Sludge Bomb – 41.7 DPS (Poison)
  • Focus Blast – 40 DPS (Fighting)
  • Dark Pulse – 26.7 DPS (Dark)
  • Shadow Punch – 28.29 DPS Ghost)
  • Sludge Wave – 41.3 DPS (Poison)
  • Psychic – 32.1 DPS (Pyshic)
Mega Gengar in Pokemon Go

Is Gengar good in Pokemon Go? Strengths and weaknesses explained

As a Ghost and Poison type, Gengar in Pokemon Go is weak against Ground, Ghost, Psychic, and Dark types. However, it can resist damage from Grass, Fairy, Normal, Poison, Bug, and Fighting types.

Gengar is easily one of the best Pokemon in the game as it is useful in all three major leagues in the Go Battle League. On top of that, it has a Mega Evolution that you can access by defeating Mega Gengar in Raids.

Well, this was everything to know about the best moveset for Gengar in Pokemon Go. For similar content, check out the best Dragonite moveset in Pokemon Go, how to beat Giovanni, how to beat Arlo, and how to get Pokecoins.

Image Credits: Niantic / The Pokemon Company / Nintendo