How to claim Battlefield 2042 Prime Gaming rewards

battlefield 2042 prime gaming rewards

EA have announced that Prime Gaming subscribers can claim some exclusive Battlefield 2042 cosmetics. Here’s everything in the bundle, and how to get it through your Twitch and Amazon Prime account.

When Battlefield 2042 launches on November 19, players will be able to customize their favorite Specialists, weapons, and vehicles with unique looks. Some of these can be earned, but a lot of them will be bought through the store. 

However, Prime Gaming members will be able to claim Battlefield 2042 cosmetics. Here’s when the first bundle releases, and how to claim it. 

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Battlefield 2042 Prime Gaming bundle release date

Battlefield 2042 hazard zone artwork

EA have revealed that players can claim the Battlefield 2042 Prime Gaming bundle in early December.

They have also confirmed that there will be more Battlefield 2042 bundles coming to Prime Gaming “in the coming months.” 

What’s included in Battlefield 2042 Prime Gaming bundle? 

Player using defibrillators in battlefield 2042

EA haven’t revealed exactly what will be in the Battlefield 2042 Prime Gaming Bundle, but we know it’ll be “soldier themed” and will contain various cosmetics. 

Here’s what’s included in the Battlefield 2042 Prime Gaming bundle: 

  • Specialist Skin
  • Weapons Skin
  • Vehicle Skin

As we get closer to their December release date, EA and DICE should give us a look at the exclusive cosmetics.

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How to claim Battlefield 2042 Prime Gaming bundle

battlefield 2042 Irish Specialist

Anyone with a Prime Gaming membership will be able to claim the Battlefield 2042 bundle, as long as they have connected it to the correct EA account. But bear in mind that this bundle can’t be claimed until early December. 

Here’s how to connect your Prime Gaming and EA accounts to claim the Battlefield 2042 bundle: 

  1. Head to the Prime Gaming website to connect your Twitch account
  2. Select the Battlefield 2042 Prime Gaming bundle 
  3. Follow the prompt to connect your Twitch and EA accounts
  4. Go back to Prime Gaming and make sure you’ve claimed the Battlefield 2042 bundle 
  5. Launch Battlefield 2042 and find your rewards in your inventory 

And that’s everything we know about Battlefield 2042’s upcoming Prime Gaming bundle! We’ll be sure to update this piece once we know exactly what Twitch users will be able to claim. 

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Image Credit: EA / Prime Gaming