Baldur’s Gate 3 player shares trick to easily beat the Hag

Emily Stander
A Redcap in Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 players have come up with some creative ways to beat bosses, and one has shared their best method for making the fight against the Hag much easier.

The Hag in Baldur’s Gate 3, who first presents herself as Auntie Ethel in Emerald Grove, can be a difficult boss to get the hang of. Not only is the path down to find her treacherous, but she is also not someone to scoff at

Once you find her in her dilapidated house in the swamp, you find that she has captured Mayrina and wants to keep her baby. After a creepy conversation, she makes Mayrina disappear and sets Redcaps on you.

Normally, she turns invisible and runs from this first fight into her lair. One player, however, has found a way to keep her inside her home. “I cast arcane lock on her stairs and killed her upstairs,” Redditor ‘dozakiin’ explained in a post. “The fight was phenomenally easy. The Redcaps aren’t aggroed now that she is gone, and when I went downstairs I had the most pleasant interactions with the man who was previously petrified and that poor sweet Drow.” 

Some Baldur’s Gate 3 players had discovered this trick before, but those who hadn’t mentioned one con about doing the fight this way. If you don’t go down to her lair to fight her, it is less likely that she will offer you a reward to let her live. 

When you fight her in the lair, she will offer you a piece of her hair that will increase an attribute of your choice. “Ethel is a walking +1 ability score to me, could never,” one player commented. 

Depending on the kind of playthrough you are looking for, though, players found this tip useful for an easier fight. Generally, players run into the Hag when they are lower level – and anything to make confronting her a bit more manageable is welcomed. 

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