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Are the Elden Ring servers down? Current server status

Elden Ring’s Multiplayer is great for sharing the experience. If you’re having network issues, you may want to know if the servers are down.



elden ring server status

Elden Ring has taken the gaming world by storm, but after raving reviews, some players are having issues with the Multiplayer. We have all the information on whether or not the Elden Ring servers are down.

FromSoftware games are usually a tough experience, and Elden Ring is no different. You may want to bring a friend in your world to help you with your hardships, whether it be a difficult boss or area.

Not only is connecting with friends pretty obscure in the game as it is, but players have also reported connection issues that may be related to the servers. With that being said, you may want to know if the Elden Ring servers are down.

Elden Ring server status

Elden Ring summoning symbols

Players had been experiencing server issues upon launch of the game, as summoning symbols weren’t showing up and bloodstains were not working.

However, as of March 1, FromSoftware announced server maintenance to fix network issues across all platforms. You can check out the times for the maintenance according to your platform below.

Hopefully, this solves a lot of the issues players were experiencing when it comes to Elden Ring’s online mode.

The Elden Ring devs did confirm that “the online issues Xbox users have been facing (e.g. “Network Status Check Failed”) should now be fixed.”

If you are still getting server issues for Elden Ring even after the maintenance, make sure you troubleshoot your network and find out if it is a problem on your end.

If you have concluded that this is not the case, the devs will likely be working hard to fix all the network issues so stay tuned on this page for updates about maintenance and the server status.

Elden Ring lagging and FPS drops

If you’re experiencing lagging and stuttering, this actually may not be associated with your connection or the Elden Ring servers. Despite a patch on February 26, this issue is still ongoing.

In fact, the devs have addressed an issue with performance and FPS drops in a recent blog, stating that they are working hard to improve the problem, so this may be what you’re encountering.

Stay tuned to this article for more updates on the Elden Ring servers. For now, check out the Elden Ring’s controller settings.

Image Credits: FromSoftware