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Are Pokemon Go servers down? Current server status

If you’re experiencing connectivity issues during your playing sessions, here are some useful tips to check the Pokemon Go server status.



Pokemon Go characters and a log in error message

Pokemon Go players might experience a wide variety of issues during gameplay or even before logging in. We’ve listed the different methods to check the Pokemon Go server status in simple steps.

Pokemon Go was released more than six years ago, but its community is not getting any smaller. After some big connectivity issues during the game’s first year, Niantic made sure its servers could hold millions of fans playing simultaneously around the world. Despite those efforts, players might still encounter some issues today, so here are some tips to check the Pokemon Go server status.

There’s a wide variety of known problems that prevent some users from logging into their accounts and some regions suffer from these more than others. In case you encounter one of these errors, here’s what you should do.

Are Pokemon Go servers down?

Currently, the Pokemon Go servers are online. There was a log-in issue affecting players using Facebook credentials, but Niantic already marked the problem as resolved. They also recommended players set up a backup log-in method in case a similar issue occurs in the future.

Below you’ll find different ways to check the Pokemon go server status and even submit issues you might be experiencing with third-party server monitors.

How to check the Pokemon Go server status

While many online games have websites dedicated to showing their server status to make things easier for players, Niantic hasn’t released one for Pokemon Go so far. Instead, players can check third-party sites for server status. However, there are a few simple steps to take before you resort to that.

chespin on a Pokemon Go community day frame
Pokemon Go server issues are more common during special in-game events

Look for errors in the Pokemon Go app

Usually, if the server is down or experiencing connectivity issues, the Pokemon Go app is going let you know. There are many known errors with their respective numbered codes, but if the servers are down, you’ll probably see something that says Niantic is working on resolving the issue.

As we mentioned before, Pokemon Go server outages could occur at a global or regional level, so it’s always good to try the app for yourself at first.

Check the official Pokemon Go channels

Sometimes Pokemon Go developers will address server outages and other issues via their official social media accounts. Niantic has a Twitter account dedicated to customer support, where they usually address regional and worldwide outages. The official Pokemon Go Twitter account can also provide useful information regarding these problems.

If you don’t see any new messages regarding issues you’re experiencing, you can also look for mentions and replies on these accounts to see if there are other players in the same situation.

Check Pokemon Go communities & third-party sites

If you couldn’t find a solution to your Pokemon Go problems with the previous methods, you can always check Pokemon communities around the world. Whether that entails checking in on Discord servers, Reddit communities, social media accounts, or Pokemon Go websites, you’ll probably find the answers you’re looking for there.

Third-party sites like DownDetector or jooas run on player feedback and other resources, so they’re another good option to have in mind when experiencing connectivity issues in Pokemon Go. Some of them even provide detailed information on each region, which can come in handy when checking for the Pokemon Go server status.

If none of these methods provide a solution, you might be experiencing a different kind of issue. Make sure you check the app for any error code you might’ve missed.

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Image Credits: Niantic / The Pokemon Company