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Archero tier list: Best weapons ranked

Choosing the most powerful weapons is essential for progress in Archero. Here’s a list of the best weapons in the game in 2022.



Antiquated Sword, Demon Blade, and other weapons in Archero

Archero offers ten weapons to players and each has its set own set of pros and cons. If you’re confused about which weapon to use, this Archero tier list of the best weapons will help you.

There are many reasons why you would want to rely on the strongest weapons in Archero. They play a major role in deciding the difficulty of in-game challenges. Moreover, leveling up your weapons costs many resources, and spending them on the wrong one is a huge bummer.

From swords and spears to bows and axes, there are many types of weapons in Archero. Considering that there’s a wide variety of stages as well, it is best to invest in the most versatile weapons.

In this list, we’ll talk about the best weapons in Archero based on attributes such as damage, versatility, and rank up abilities.

Archero character using a bow

Archero best weapons tier list

In the table below, we’ve assigned tiers to all weapons in Archero. The weapons in the S tier are the strongest while the ones in the D tier are the weakest:

TierArcher Weapon
SAntiquated Sword, Demon Blade, Gale Force
ABrightspear, Stalker Staff, Death Scythe,
BSaw Blade, Tornado
CMini Arteus
DBrave Bow

Hence, the Antiquated Sword, Demon Blade, and the Gale Force are the three best weapons in Archero. Here’s why:

Antiquated Sword

The Antiquated Sword has quickly gained the trust of Archero players, thanks to its high damage output and versatility. The one-handed form of this weapon is brilliant for quick attacks while the two-handed form increases range.

At higher rarities, you’ll even get buffs in your max HP, attack speed, Crit Chance, and other valuable stats. Overall, the Antiquated Sword is worth every penny and is by far the best weapon in Archero.

Demon Blade

The Demon Blade is such a great choice for Archero players because it can deal melee as well as long-range damage with the same efficiency. Moreover, at higher rarities, it deals more damage to enemies with higher HP which feels like a cheat code.

The Demon Blade saves you from collision damage at melee ranges. Overall, it converts your weaknesses into strengths and you’ll certainly feel confident while using it.

Archero protagonist facing a demon

Gale Force

If your goal is to deal the maximum amount of damage in Archero, look no further than the Gale Force. This bow lets you shoot Charged Arrows and their damage increases significantly as you unlock higher rarities.

Because the Gale Force has been out for a while now, it is easier to level up than the Antiquated Sword and the Demon Blade.

Well, these were the three best weapons in Archero that should help you clear the majority of in-game easily. We recommend using weapons placed in the S, A, and B tiers only. The ones in C and D tiers aren’t really worth the effort and will stop you from enjoying the game to the fullest.

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Image Credits: Monduz Games