Which Apex Legends abilities can be used on the Trident vehicles?

Connor Bennett
Trident in Apex Legends

Even though Apex Legends is chock full of characters, only a few can use their abilities while driving around Olympus on the Trident.

With the start of Apex Legends Season 7, Respawn Entertainment made the move to introduce the battle royale’s first vehicle in the form of the Trident. 

The three-seater hovercraft spawns at certain locations around Olympus and can get you from A to B quite quickly, which is ideal if you need to make a long rotation to a circle that is starting to close in. 

As players have started to experiment with different legends using the hovercraft, it’s become apparent that not everyone can use their abilities while taking a ride and only a few legends can get a bit of a leg up. 

Apex Legends characters fighting with the TridentThe Trident can provide chances for fights on the move.

Given that you, sadly, can’t run over enemies with the Trident to rack up eliminations, abilities are your next best bet for picking up kills while whizzing around the new Apex Legends map. 

The best of which is, obviously, Rampart’s ultimate – the Sheila minigun. This can be placed at the back of the Trident and operated as a turret. However, it only shoots forward, so you do have to keep enemies in view.

Aside from that, Caustic’s gas traps can be placed all over but you will need to run near an enemy to trigger it. Lifeline’s DOC drone, Crypto’s Drone, and Gibraltar’s dome can also be used while on the Trident.

Every Apex Legends ability that can be used on the Trident vehicles

  • Rampart’s Ultimate – Can be placed at the back of the Trident
  • Caustic Traps – Can be placed anywhere on top of the Trident
  • Lifeline Drone – Can be placed anywhere on top of the Trident
  • Crypto Drone – Can be used while riding as a passenger on the trident
  • Gibraltar Dome – Can be placed on the middle section of the Trident 

As for other legends like Horizon and Octane, their Gravity Lift and Launch Pad can be used to impact the Trident but if you try and place either of them on top of the vehicle, they will simply slide off. 

One other notable omissions is Wattson’s Interceptor Pylon, which will also simply slide off if you try to place it on the Trident.

Other abilities simply can’t be used while you’re whizzing around the map, and that could change over the course of the season, but the final decision will ultimately rest with Respawn.

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