Clever Apex Legends Loba Gravity Cannons trick lets you outwit enemies

Loba in Apex Legends

There is a fun Apex Legends Loba trick involving the Gravity Cannons on Storm Point that you can use to quickly escape from overwhelming numbers of enemies.

Apex Legends Season 11 brought a ton of fun content for fans to enjoy, including the brand-new tropical Storm Point map. This new area has massive Gravity Cannons that can be used to catapult legends through the air.

These are a great way to get around the map quickly, but there are also some other benefits to the Gravity Cannons. While playing as Loba, you can use them to outwit and escape your opponents.

How to use Loba’s Gravity Cannon escape trick

apex legends loba

This Apex Legends trick involves using the Burglar’s Best Friend tactical ability while playing as Loba. This lets her throw her bracelet then teleport to wherever it lands, and you can also do it after being shot out of a Gravity Cannon.

Here’s what you need to do:

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  1. Select Loba as your Legend
  2. Land on the Storm Point map in Apex Legends
  3. Make your way towards one of the Gravity Cannons
  4. Use it to launch yourself in any direction
  5. Activate the Burglar’s Best Friend tactical ability in mid-air

Since Loba’s tactical doesn’t carry over her momentum, you’ll be able to get yourself away from enemies much quicker than with any other Legend. One player showcased this in the ApexUniversity subreddit.

So, if you find yourself being chased by multiple foes, you can make a quick escape with this trick. Similarly, you and your teammates could use this to confuse and outwit your enemies so they can’t find your exact location.

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This clever tactic can come in handy during various different situations. So, the next time you hop into Storm Point as Loba. be sure to head to the Gravity Cannons and try this out for yourself.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment