Apex Legends glitch makes hip-firing 100% accurate

Hip-Fire accuracy exploit in Apex Legends

There is an Apex Legends exploit that allows players to drastically improve their hip-fire accuracy without any recoil, and Respawn Entertainment have yet to issue a fix.

Apex Legends players have seen their fair share of glitches and exploits since the battle royale first launched. This includes players being dropped under the mapLegends swapping models, and multiple melee exploits.

There’s also an exploit that grants players more precise hip-fire accuracy, and this has been around for a while. Despite this, Respawn Entertainment still haven’t addressed it, leading to frustration in the Apex community.

ADS can help improve hip fire accuracy in Apex Legends

Reddit user TIGJCthagod posted a clip showcasing this hip-fire exploit. The player noted that you can greatly improve your accuracy through this tactic by following a few simple steps.

Al you need to do is fire one bullet from any fully automatic weapon while scoping, and then unscope. This will make sure that your next few hip-fire shots aren’t affected by recoil. As the clip shows, this is a fairly effective tactic.

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In the comments, many players brought up that this exploit has been in Apex for a while, and the devs have ignored it. “This totally makes sense and I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing this without even knowing,” wrote one user. 

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While this trick might seem useful, a few players feel that it leads to unfair play and that the Redditor should have flagged it to Respawn with more clips instead of sharing the tip with others.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear whether or not the developers will investigate this issue ahead of Season 9, as it’s not listed on their Trello board. However, a change might still come if enough players demand it.

There are also other ways to improve your hip-fire accuracy that don’t require you to take advantage of an exploit, so you can try those out instead.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment