Apex Legends dev provides major cross-progression update a year after announcement

Hamza Khalid
Valkyrie in apex legends

Apex Legends have been waiting for news about the promised cross-progression feature, and now one of the developers has finally provided an update about its arrival in the game.

Since Apex Legends launched back in 2019, Respawn Entertainment have frequently updated the game with a plethora of new content to keep things fresh, including new Legends and Heirlooms.

It was confirmed that cross-progression would be arriving in Apex Legends, but the feature still isn’t in the game a year after its announcement. Now, we’ve got our first major update regarding cross-progression in a long time.

On December 17, Alpha Intel posted a picture of a 2021 tweet from Senior Producer Josh Medina confirming that cross-progression for Apex Legends is ” in progress” along with next-gen console support.

Josh Medina replied by saying his post “aged poorly” before mentioning that those features are “still in progress.” Meaning that while cross-progression hasn’t arrived as soon as players would’ve liked, Respawn still intend to include it in the game at some point.

Josh explained: “I messed up tweeting that last year and it’s constantly brought up and I have to eat the crow from my words.” He then added that he looks forward to the announcement of cross-progression when it’s “done and ready.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t give any update on when exactly cross-progression is set to arrive in Apex Legends. Any attempts to figure out its release date in the game would be pure speculation at this point

While this news may be disappointing to Apex players waiting on the feature, it’s reassuring to know that Respawn Entertainment haven’t abandoned it. Hopefully, we’ll get more information about its arrival in the near future.

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Image credits: Activision