Apex Legends 2.03 update patch notes: Vantage nerfs, bug fixes

Matt Porter
apex legends mirage and vantage shooting

Respawn Entertainment have dropped the brand-new Apex Legends 2.03 update, focusing on key fixes for gameplay issues while also adjusting new character Vantage.

Apex Legends Season 14 may just have launched, but that doesn’t mean Respawn are taking a break. Instead, the developers have been hard at work addressing bugs and problems that have spawned since the major patch was released.

Of course, the major addition in Season 14 was Vantage, the latest character to become a part of the battle royale. Vantage immediately became the game’s most popular Legend, and it’s clear that Respawn think she may be a little too powerful, bringing slight changes to bring her closer to the others.

Vantage changes

Respawn have worked to make Vantage a little weaker than she was, hoping to bring her power down so she doesn’t dominate the meta quite as much.

First, her Spotter’s Lens Passive ability will no longer function after she respawns, meaning her bullet drop indicator for long-range targets won’t be active.

On top of that, Respawn have also fixed an issue with her KO Shield, which allowed her to use it if she was knocked when performing her tactical jump.

Apex Legends August 22 patch notes

Elsewhere, Respawn have also targeted problems that stopped players from upgrading weapons in Arenas, while also stopping some frustrating crashes linked to banners and select Seer and Rampart skins.

You can read the full patch notes below.

  • Players occasionally unable to upgrade weapons in Arenas.
  • Collecting a banner when wearing the Seer Heartthrob and Rampart Wastelander skins causes a crash.
  • Vantage cannot use KO shield when knocked while using her tactical jump.
  • Vantage range indicator disappears after respawn.

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