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Best guns in Apex Legends Season 14: Every weapon ranked

Apex Legends Season 14 has some weapon changes in the patch notes. This has once again influenced the rankings for the best weapons.



Vantage and Mirage in Apex Legends Season 14

Apex Legends players have had plenty of time with the new content in Season 14, and just like any season, the changes in the recent patch notes have influenced the weapon meta. Let’s get into the best guns in Apex Legends by looking at every weapon ranked.

Apex Legends Season 14 may not have brought a new weapon to the game, but various changes in the patch notes have impacted the game’s Legend meta and arsenal.

The update has shifted the weapon meta once again, and as new weapons rise to the top, we have a list of the best weapons in Apex Legends Season 14 so you’re clued up on which ones to use.

Here is every weapon in Apex Legends Season 14 ranked.

Best guns in Apex Legends Season 14 ranked list

apex legends bloodhound season 13 battle pass skin

As well as giving you a list of the best weapon to use from each category, we first want to rank every single weapon in Respawn‘s Apex Legends Season 14. This list does not include care package weapons.

Of course, this list isn’t gospel, and most weapons in Apex are viable. Having said that, this list will reflect the current in-game meta, giving you a good idea of which weapons are considered to be the best within the community.

Here’s every weapon in Apex Legends Season 14 ranked:

  1. R-301
  2. C.A.R
  3. G7 Scout
  4. Flatline
  5. Wingman
  6. Peacekeeper
  7. R-99
  8. Spitfire
  9. Havoc
  10. Alternator
  11. Eva-8
  12. Hemlock
  13. Charge Rifle
  14. Longbow
  15. Prowler
  16. L-Star
  17. 30-30 Repeater
  18. Triple Take
  19. Devotion
  20. Sentinel
  21. RE-45
  22. Mozambique
  23. P2020

Best weapons in Apex Legends Season 14

The following list detail the best weapons in the current Apex Legends meta for each class, excluding the care package weapons.

The Rampage, Kraber, Mastiff, and Bowcek Bow are all-powerful, but they are care package weapons so you won’t find them every game, hence their exclusion.

Best LMG – Spitfire

spitfire apex legends

One of the main reasons the Spitfire is so strong is because of how many bullets it holds in a clip. Even if you don’t have an extended mag this weapon still holds 32 bullets in a mag.

The damage, fire rate, and recoil are also factors that make the weapon strong, as it’s easy to control at range, but also performs extremely well up-close when hip firing.

Best SMG – C.A.R.

apex legends car smg

Boasting a high fire rate and extremely fast DPS, the C.A.R. takes the top spot among the Submachine Gun class.

At close range, the weapon shreds and is even very accurate when firing from the hip. The recoil can be pretty hard to control, so make sure you’re within the weapon’s range. With attachments, the recoil becomes easier to control.

The C.A.R’s best feature by far is that it takes both Light and Heavy ammo, as well as magazines.

This makes it extremely flexible, and whether you find a Heavy or Light mag, you’ll be able to use it with this weapon and make it even more deadly. This also means that you’re hardly ever short for ammo, which is an important aspect of dominating in Apex Legends.

Best AR – R-301

Apex Legends Legacy weapons r301

The R-301 is the most reliable weapon in Apex Legends Season 14 and has been for a while now. Not only is the recoil extremely easy to control for those longe range engagements, but the R-301 also has an excellent fire rate and hip-fire accuracy for those close-range battles.

The R-301 is always a great weapon to pick up and allows you to be more experimental with your secondary, as you can use it as a close or long-range weapon.

Best Sniper – Charge Rifle

apex legends charge rifle

The Charge Rifle is our pick for Apex Legends Season 14’s best Sniper. This hit-scan machine absolutely melts at range. The Charge Rifle is even useful in medium-ranged encounters as well.

On a map like Storm Point, the Charge Rifle excels, especially if you can get your hands on a decent Optic such as a 3x or 2x – 4x.

The ability to put pressure at range with ease due to its hit-scan capability makes the Charge Rifle incredibly powerful.

Best Marksman Rifle – G7 Scout

g7 scout in apex legends

The G7 Scout has returned to floor loot after spending some seasons in the Care Package, and it returns with a range.

With great damage, fire rate, and even hip fire potential, this Marksmen Rifle just tips the 30-30 Repeater as the best in its weapon category.

The G7 excels at poke damage and medium to long-range engagements, making it essential in the cagey battles you can sometimes have at the end of a game. The poke potential and versatility also make it a great weapon choice for Ranked Leagues.

Best Shotgun – Peacekeeper

apex legends peacekeeper

Now that the Mastiff is back in the Care Package, the Peacekeeper has taken its spot as the best Shotgun in Apex Legends Season 14.

Players can either aim down sights with this weapon for a tighter spread and thus more damage at range, or they can use it like a traditional close-range Shotgun, doing huge damage from the hip.

Best Pistol – Wingman


This isn’t a tough decision, as the Wingman is only competing with the RE-45 and the P2020. However, the Wingman is still the hard-hitting powerhouse it has always been, despite now taking Sniper ammo and attachments.

If you’re hitting your shots with this weapon, it’s extremely deadly and a great option as a secondary for anyone with a fast, rushing playstyle. This is even more true when running Skullpiercer as well, which increases its headshot multiplier.

There you have it, all the weapons in Apex Legends ranked as well as the best weapons in each class for Apex Legends Season 14.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment