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Apex Legends players wish they had crossovers like Fortnite’s Dragon Ball collab

Fortnite’s Dragon Ball crossover has got Apex Legends players wishing the game had similar collaborations with popular culture figures.



apex legends caustic with Fortnite goku

Apex Legends players are jealous of Fortnite’s Dragon Ball crossover, wishing Respawn’s battle royale also had similar crossovers.

Apex Legends Season 14 has brought a fresh update to the game, giving players Vantage and a brand-new Battle Pass to grind.

As well as the Battle Pass, the new season will also bring events, which players often look forward to, not only because they often bring LTMs, but mostly as they bring new themed cosmetics.

The Apex Legends events and cosmetics are often themed, with Season 13’s Thematic event bringing a variety of anime-inspired skins which the community absolutely loved.

However, it seems the community wants more from Respawn when it comes to collaborations, as popular Apex content creator Garret expressed his wish that Apex could have crossovers like Fortnite’s Dragon Ball takeover.

Fortnite has had many impressive crossovers in the past, including Rick and Morty, Naruto, Marvel, and Star Wars.

While Apex Legends has had crossovers like the Market takeover and FIFA collab, they haven’t been anywhere near as extensive and impressive as Fortnite’s.

This has left players like Garret and those in the comments of his Twitter post jealous of Fortnite’s crossovers, wishing that Apex could have the same. One comment even reads, “i wanna play as goku too smh.”

Another comment refers to the Apex Legends anime event, saying that if it were a proper collaboration it would have been much better, “i wish the luffy octane skin was an actual crossover, would be so much cooler.”

We’ll likely get more crossovers in the future but it’s unclear how the collaborations will compare to Fortnite. Until then, players will have to wait until the Apex Legends Season 14 Collection Event for more skins.

Image Credits: Epic Games / Respawn Entertainment