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Apex Legends players suggest simple change to stop Ranked smurfs

Apex Legends players have reached their limit with smurf accounts, coming up with an idea to prevent their volume.



loba ziplining with heirloom in apex legends

Apex Legends players have come up with an interesting yet simple solution to help prevent smurfs in Ranked Leagues.

Apex Legends has just entered the second split for Ranked Leagues in Season 14, with the new Beast of Prey Collection Event and Gun Run LTM currently active in-game.

The ranked mode can be very competitive, especially for new players, so picking the best Legends, optimizing your settings, and knowing your way around the map can be vital to success.

Unfortunately, smurfing in Apex Legends’ Ranked Leagues has been an issue among the community, ruining the experience for new players. Some in the community have come up with an idea to prevent this from happening, which players seem to love the sound of.

Reddit user LordSpence put a suggestion in the Apex Legends subreddit for the Ranked Leagues to only become available for players once they reach level 50: “Suggestion! Ranked should only be available to play at Level 50 and above.”

The player expands on the suggestion in the post, saying that while they love the game and have been playing “since day 1,” the ranked experience as of recent has been “ruined” by “smurf accounts.”

Currently, players will need to get their account to level 10 before they can test their skills in ranked, but this player is suggesting that the devs increase this to 50, as it “would take way too long for them to get to level 50” and perhaps prevent them from surfing.

The post currently has 1.5k upvotes at the time of writing, as well as many comments that are supportive of the suggestion. One comment reads “Honestly this seems like such an obvious fix for Smurfs, it makes me wonder what the true reason is for not implementing it.”

Another Reddit user expressed similar frustrations with ranked, also claiming that smurfs are “f*cking everything up for lower level players.”

Perhaps if the post continues to gain traction, Respawn will take notice and make a change, as they do seem to be active on Reddit, often replying to questions and complaints.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment