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Apex Legends players slam “low effort” Celestial Sunrise Collection Event

The Apex Legends Celestial Collection Event is being slammed as “low effort” with players expressing disappointment with the content.



apex legends ash shooting a wingman

The Apex Legends community is seemingly disappointed with the new Season 15 Collection Event, Celestial Sunrise, as they describe it as “low effort.”

Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, Apex Legends, received yet another Collection Event in Season 15 known as Celestial Sunrise. This event brought yet another 24 cosmetic item collection, but this time the grand prize isn’t an Heirloom or Mythic skin, but rather a reactive weapon skin.

The event also brought the Apex Legends Hardcore Royale LTM, but players don’t seem to be satisfied, not only calling the reactive Peacekeeper skin unimpressive but also slamming the event as “low effort.”

Popular Apex Legends content creator Garret expressed his feelings towards the Collection Event on Twitter, asking “why is this collection event 50% emotes?”

Clearly, Garret is confused as to why the Collection Event features so many emotes, perhaps disappointed that there aren’t more skins and other more desired cosmetics.

In the comments, players feel similarly about the Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise event, with one player even slamming the event as “low effort.” Another user even claims the devs turned the event from a Thematic to a Collection event for “more money.”

This is the third Collection Event in Season 15, and players seem to think the sheer amount of cosmetic items and content is causing a lack of exciting items, as another comment read “they have had 3 collection event this szn and cant think of anything original.”

Unfortunately, some players are not satisfied with the new content that the devs are pushing out, but with Apex Legends Season 16 on the horizon, perhaps they can win the community back.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment