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Apex Legends players feel Hardcore LTM is a few simple changes away from greatness

Apex Legends players feel the brand-new Hardcore LTM in the Celestial Sunrise event could be great if changes were made.



wattson from apex legends aiming with a sniper

Apex Legends players were gifted the new Hardcore Royale LTM as part of the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event, leading to mixed reviews.

The Apex Legends Sunrise Collection Event has been released in Season 15, bringing brand-new content to the game as we edge closer to the start of Season 16.

The Apex event brought 24 new cosmetic items and reactive weapon skin. Unfortunately, despite the devs bringing new content to the game, the event isn’t getting the best reception. Players in the community are disappointed with the reactive Peacekeeper skin and the event as a whole, branding it as “low effort.”

Fans have been calling for new Apex Legends LTMs to be introduced for many seasons and it seems the devs finally answered by bringing the Hardcore Royale mode during the Celestrial Sunrise event.

This new LTM has led to a massive wave of mixed reactions from the community, as they were finally given a new experience in the game to comment on.

Under AlphaIntel‘s Twitter post asking the community about their thoughts on the new LTM, some feel the mode is “pretty fun,” but could use tweaks and changes to improve it. One comment read “I do think it has some potential,” but they believe it can be made better “by increasing the armours to Blue.”

Another said that their “only gripe with this mode is having to pause the map to look up ring zone. Other than that, better in every way.”

Respawn isn’t opposed to updating returning LTMs, bringing changes to Control when the Spellbound Collection Event patch was released. So, with that said, the Hardcore Royale LTM could receive updates based on feedback if it returns in the future.

While some feel some changes could make the mode better, others just straight up are not enjoying the experience, as one user calls it the “most boring and flowless mode that’s ever been added to Apex.”

On the other hand, some “love the lack of HUD,” and are “enjoying it because it’s something different finally.” Clearly, there’s a divide, and perhaps updates to the LTM to make it more enjoyable will win over those who aren’t too fond of it.

We’ll have to wait and see if the Apex Legends Hardcore LTM returns in the future but for now, check out the 2023 player count for Apex and who the most popular Legends are.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment