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Apex Legends players call for simple change to Bangalore’s ultimate

Apex Legends players are calling Respawn Entertainment to implement a simple change to Bangalore’s ultimate ability.



Bangalore in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players feel that Bangalore is in need of a buff and are calling for Respawn Entertainment to implement a simple change to her ultimate ability.

There are now a whopping 20 different characters to choose from in Apex Legends, and Bangalore remains amongst the top ten most popular Legends in the battle royale during Season 12.

While she’s still extremely popular, Apex Legends players feel that the character isn’t particularly well-balanced, and are calling for the developers to implement some changes, mainly to her ultimate.

Bangalore and Ash in Apex Legends

Bangalore’s ultimate ability in Apex Legends is called Rolling Thunder and allows players to bring in an artillery strike that explodes and deals damage to nearby enemies as well as herself.

Reddit user ‘Lencor’ wants this to change, as they asked the question; “What if Bangalore’s ultimate instead of slowing and damaging her would trigger her passive speed boost like in the actual Apex trailer?”

If Respawn Entertainment implement this change, then Bangalore mains would be able to use her ultimate without the fear of taking damage as the artillery strike slowly moves across the landscape.

This led to a variety of different reactions in the comments, with some users being on board with this idea. One commenter wrote: “I agree 100%. She is decent, but still, she could use a little buff.”

Another commenter stated that they’re “tired of everyone always saying that [Bangalore] is balanced,” claiming that there are currently too many scan counters to her smoke, and this change would help improve her playability.

One player claimed that Bangalore “doesn’t need many changes currently,” but also added that if the developers want to make some changes then they could just “give her a laser and a maximum range.”

Considering that Bangalore is still a fairly popular pick in Apex Legends Season 12, there’s no guarantee that Respawn Entertainment will bring a major change to her ultimate anytime soon, but the community is certainly hoping for one.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment