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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players are frustrated by Digital Threat scope

Apex Legends fans are disappointed with how the The Digital Threat scope attachment works when you equip it to the Gold Longbow.



Apex Legends Longbow

A few Apex Legends players have expressed their discontent with the Digital Threat scope attachment, as they feel that it ruins the Gold Longbow when it’s equipped.

As with other battle royales, you’ll have to search the map for weapons and attachments after joining a match in Apex Legends. Many of these items have different rarities which are displayed with different colors, and it’s generally better to collect rarer gear.

The Longbow is a popular weapon that comes with the 4x-10x Digital Threat scope that is frustrating to a few Apex players. This is because they feel that this attachment makes it difficult to play, and completely ruins the weapon.

Pathfinder in Apex Legends

Apex Legends scope is “ruining” the Gold Longbow

If you’re lucky, you might find a gold gun which already has the best attachments equipped when searching for gear in Apex Legends. However, a lot of the time these attachments aren’t as great as you’d hope, and YouTuber Zeus expressed his frustration with a particular one.

He singled out the 4x-10x Digital Threat scope as being particularly unfavorable due to its magnification, which isn’t suited for close to medium-range combat. Plus, it’s difficult to keep your enemies within the sight due to its width.

While the scope does make enemies a bit easier to see during from a distance, it’s not worth picking when you have to take on players who are close-by. This is a sentiment that’s also shared by other fans who replied to the tweet.

While many players aren’t happy with the scope, a few fans came up with some simple fixes for Respawn to implement. One commenter wrote: “They should change it to an ACOG 2-4 scope and then give it Digi Threat but only on gold snipers.”

“Give me a 2x-4x, add thermal and you’ve got a gold sniper,” another player suggested. Hopefully, the developers will take note of the constructive criticism, and come up with a change that will improve upon the scope’s issues.

It wouldn’t be too surprising if Respawn actually implemented some of these ideas as they do listen to feedback, and try to apply fixes such as adjusting Legend hitboxes after fan complaints. If they come up with a solution then we’ll let you know.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment