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Apex Legends

Apex Legends player reveals rarest items in the game

Apex Legends has a lot of rare cosmetic items, but one player has found out which are the rarest in Season 14.



apex legends monster energy banner frames

An Apex Legends player has revealed the rarest items in Respawn’s battle royale, which may come as a surprise to the community.

Apex Legends offers players a vast range of customization options, from Legend and weapon skins to Heirlooms and Prestige Skins.

Heirlooms and Prestige Skins are considered the rarest items because they’re only available through Collection and Thematic Events, unless you happen to get extremely lucky in a pack.

Having said that, the Apex Legends Season 14 update did make it easier to get Heirlooms thanks to the Level Cap update, allowing other items to become the rarest in the game.

Apex Legends player and content creator Grrt has revealed the rarest items in the game as of Season 14, and it may come as a surprise to players.

With the new Apex Legends x Monster Energy collaboration in Season 14, it’s fitting that the first collab between the two in 2021 boasts the rarest items in the game.

The 2021 Apex Legends x Monster Energy collab rewards could only be obtained through purchasing Monster Energy products in UK’s Tesco store. Players had to follow the steps, which would enter them into a giveaway, which they would then have to hope they win.

According to Grrt, from data of around “40 million players, only two people have the Wattson Banner equip, zero people have the Fuse on equipped, and three people have the Octane equipped in the whole world.”

This makes these Banner Frames the rarest items in the game, but more so the Fuse Banner Frame, as no one actually has the item equipped.

Of course, these are only the people who have these items equipped, so there are potentially others that have the items but just aren’t using them. However, there’s no doubt that they are rare, and could be the rarest according to the data.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment