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Apex Legends player comes up with an alternative to there being no Arenas abandoning penalty

An Apex Legends player has presented an alternative to an abandonment penalty for the new Arenas mode that has since garnered attention from the community.



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Apex Legends’ new 3v3 mode, Arenas, has been out since March 4 now, and players have already found a possible alternative to an abandonment penalty to help out teams who lose a player.

Apex Legends’ latest season has definitely been one of the most successful since its release on March 4. Not only did it introduce a great new Legend, Valkyrie, but it also brought a new way to play the battle royale with Arenas.

Although Arenas has had a great response from the community, with many even asking for a ranked playlist, it still has its issues like player abandonment. Some fans have even come up with ideas on how to make this issue less harmful.

Arenas has been great since it dropped, giving those who are bored of the classic battle royale a more competitive, 3v3 round-based mode.

There have been a few issues with the mode, such as the invisible rock on Phase Runner, which Respawn did address in a series of updates which also saw the Bocek Bow nerf. However, there are more pressing issues like match abandonment that players are more worried about.

Reddit user SergioVzqz suggested an interesting alternative for match abandonment, which wouldn’t necessarily be the same as an abandonment penalty. Still, it would definitely help the team who have lost a member.

The idea is that the players, or player, who has been left on their own will gain the credits of the missing player. The Reddit user has even detailed how the materials should increase depending on how many players have left.

The base credits everyone gets in the first round is 550. If one player leaves, the suggestion is that the remaining players will split their base credits. If only one player left, they would receive all of the remaining credits for the two players who are no longer in the game.

This Apex Legends Arenas penalty alternative would definitely make it much less harsh for the players or players who have been left on their own, as although they have less manpower, they would be able to purchase more abilities, weapon upgrades, and heals, balancing out the loss of a teammate.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment