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Apex Legends

Apex Legends player calls out “pay-to-win” Skydive emotes

Apex Legends has loads of cosmetic items for players, from weapon and Legend skins to Skydive emotes, which some players feel are pay-to-win.



apex legends wraith caustic skydive emotes

With all the recent controversy surrounding weapon skins in Apex Legends, players now feel that some of the Skydive emotes are also “pay-to-win.”

With the game now in its fourteenth season, Apex Legends players have an abundance of cosmetics to choose from.

Whether players would like to spend their hard-earned cash or in-game currencies like Legend Tokens and Crafting Metals, there are plenty of weapon and Legends skins to choose from, especially if you purchase the seasonal Battle Passes.

With events like the Fight or Fright and Beast of Prey Collection Event dropping every season, the devs are pumping out cosmetics like crazy, which can create controversy.

Recently, the devs announced changes to a weapon skin that players felt was pay-to-win, and now some in the community are claiming that certain Skydive emotes are also PTW.

Apex Legends content creator Skeptation put a video up asking the community if certain Skydive emotes are “pay to win.”

In the video, Skeptation highlights Loba’s ‘Flaunt it’ Skydive emote, claiming that many have been calling it “pay to win,” as it makes it “rather hard” for enemies to hit you while flying through the air.

The Skydive emote sees Loba “jump around” the screen, but it’s not the only Skydive emote in the game that has similar properties, as Skeptation also highlights Wraith’s ‘Think Fast’ and ‘Perpetual Motion’ Skydive emotes.

The ‘Perpetual Motion’ Wraith Skydive emote even has times where the player is “unhittable.” Skeptation feels these Skydive emotes give a “definite advantage if you’re flying down on top of enemies,” and warns players to keep this in mind.

Others in the comments of the YouTube video also seem to agree, with many sharing even more Skydive emotes which can be considered pay-to-win, “One time a enemy revenant was flying to me and used a emote that you turn into a deathbox. I thought he disconnected so i did shoot. Before i knew i was dead.”

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment