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Apex Legends

Apex Legends Mobile teaser reveals first look at exclusive Legend

Apex Legends Mobile fans are intrigued by a new teaser that showed a brand-new Legend that could be a platform-exclusive.



apex legends mobile season 1 legend teaser

Respawn Entertainment have not only announced the release date for Apex Legends on mobile, but they also put out a teaser for the first mobile-exclusive Legend.

Respawn Entertainment have just dropped a new season for Apex Legends on PC and consoles, bringing excitement to the game thanks to a bunch of new content such as the Season 13 Legend Newcastle.

As well as this, the devs also revealed more details about Apex Legends Mobile, including a brand-new trailer for Season 1 that may have teased the first mobile-exclusive Legend.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Legend teaser

For those who are unaware, the Apex Legends Mobile devs have previously confirmed that the game will indeed have mobile-first Legends that will likely not be released for PC and consoles.

While those who aren’t looking to play Apex on mobile were disappointed to hear this, the plethora of mobile gamers who are interested in the battle royale’s arrival on IOS and Andriod were thoroughly excited, with over 10 million fans pre-registering.

The announcement itself was exciting for fans, but with the latest reveal of the worldwide release date, players got a brand-new trailer for Season 1 of Apex Mobile, which seemed to also contain a teaser for the first mobile-exclusive Legend at the end.

Apex Legends Mobile Legend teaser

At the end of the trailer, Blisk is shown watching the Apex Games at a bar. The announcement on the TV says that the Legends have some “new competition,” showing an image of a greyed-out character behind a fiery backdrop.

There’s also some wiring beside this new Legend that says “new challenger climbing the ranks,” indicating even further that this will indeed be a new Legend.

We don’t yet have official information on this potential new Legend for Apex Legends Mobile, but we’ll be covering their release date, abilities, and more on CharlieINTEL so stay tuned.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment