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Apex Legends leaks reveal first mobile-exclusive Heirloom

Apex Legends Mobile players could be getting their first exclusive Heirloom, as dataminers find an interesting item in the game files.



apex legends mobile fade

Apex Legends dataminers have found an interesting object in the game files, which could be the first mobile-exclusive Heirloom.

Apex Legends Mobile is now in its second season, introducing a second mobile-exclusive Legend, Rhapsody. Apex Legends Mobile has a variety of exclusive content, some of which has left PC and console players wondering if it will be released on the main game.

As well as leaks suggesting that the mobile version of the battle royale will be getting a Solo mode before the main game, dataminers have found an interesting object in the game files which could be the handheld game’s first exclusive Heirloom.

valkyrie heirloom

Heirlooms are the most prestigious and sought-after cosmetic item in the whole game. The main game has many of them now, with the latest Heirloom to be released coming in the form of Valkyrie’s Suzaku.

Despite having various exclusive content, Apex Legends Mobile players are yet to see an Heirloom introduced. Having said that, new leaks are suggesting that this could change very soon.

Apex Legends Mobile dataminer DragonYokin, released an image showing a Claw Blade from the game’s files which they are claiming is Fade’s Heirloom.

Fade was the first mobile-exclusive Legend to be introduced, so it does make sense that they would be getting the first Heirloom. This would also further push the exclusive content for the game, therefore drawing players in.

However, some are arguing that it’s unclear that this is actually Fade’s Heirloom, as renowned Apex dataminer Biast12 chimed in saying “for the people assuming this is an heirloom for Fade, no, file wise does it looks more like an ability / perk or an event / active of some sort.”

Currently, it’s unclear what the item is, but there’s a good chance it is an Heirloom, especially as it’s a melee weapon.

As more information is released we will be sure to update you, so stay tuned. For now, check out the dev’s response to Apex Legends players wanting a drastic meta change.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment