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Apex Legends

Apex Legends infinite stim glitch is back

Apex Legends players have discovered that the Octane infinite stim glitch is back in Season 12, causing more issues for the devs.



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The notorious infinite stim glitch is back once again in Apex Legends Season 12, making the fastest character in the game, Octane, even faster.

Apex Legends’ recent update in Season 12 did introduce some much-needed improvements for FPS and performance across all platforms. Having said that, it also disappointed those who were enjoying Control, but there are rumors that it will return in the future.

As well as the discovery of a recent speed glitch, the update seems to have also brought back the infamous stim glitch, which makes Octane even more of a problem than he already is.

octane stimming in apex legends trailer

Reddit user RossBobSquirrel brought the community’s attention back to this glitch with a new post titled: “Octane infinite stim glitch returns.”

This Octane stim glitch has been found and removed a few times before, but here it is again in Season 12, causing another headache for the devs.

The glitch allows players to infinitely stim, moving extremely fast without having to wait for the stim to recharge. While this does whittle your health down to almost nothing, leaving you pretty weak, it’s pretty powerful for rotating and getting away from enemies, giving players an unfair advantage.

It seems to work by throwing down Holosprays after using the stim, getting the timing right will cancel the cooldown on Octane’s Tactical.

Players have been reacting to this glitch returning in the comments, with one player even stating that Season 12 is “the season of returning glitches lmao.”

The user who found the glitch stated that it “should work on PC and Console,” as well as stating that this version of the glitch doesn’t seem to be “fast/powerful as in previous seasons.”

Having said that, we definitely advise against using this in-game, especially in ranked, as it could result in a ban. Respawn will likely patch this soon, but it may take some time considering it keeps on returning, perhaps they will look for a more permanent fix.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment