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Apex Legends: How to check Apex Predator Ranked leaderboard list

If you’re interested in seeing the leaderboards list for the Apex Legends Apex Predator rank, here’s how you can do so to see where everyone stacks up.



apex predator ranked leaderboards list

Apex Legends’ highest rank, Apex Predator, is filled with the top players from each platform. If you’re wondering whether there’s a way to check who’s in, here’s how you can view the Apex Predator ranked leaderboards list.

Apex Legends is gaining a lot of exposure as of recently, with hugely popular streamers like NICKMERCS becoming addicted to Ranked Leagues. The ranked playlist on Apex Legends is filled with players of all skills, with ranks ranging from Bronze to Apex Predator.

Popular Apex streamer iiTzTimmy recently went from Bronze all the way to Apex Predator in a 54 hour-long stream, an impressive feat. With that being said, many are now interested in seeing the Apex Predator ranked leaderboards list.

Although Apex Legends Season 10 didn’t introduce any crazy changes to Ranked Leagues, we did see Arenas finally get its own ranked playlist.

Back in Season 8, players saw a huge change to the Apex Predator rank, increasing the number of spaces available.

Before this change, Apex Predator stood as the top 500 players for each respective platform. Now, and since the change in Season 8, Apex Predator is the top 750 players for each platform.

Each platform has its own top 750 players, or Apex Predator ranked leaderboard list, and here’s how you can track them all.

Apex Predator ranked leaderboards list

The apextracker website is perfect for those who want to check their own stats and check the broader leaderboards for individual ranks, Legends, or even Arenas.

With this tool, players can check the Apex Predator ranked leaderboards list for each platform or even for all platforms together. This way, not only can you see the top 750 players for each platform, but you can also track it for all platforms.

Further, there is also a regional filter as well for those trying to be more specific. This is great for those who want to check their own position in the ranked leaderboards, as it will give you an idea of how high you are in your own region.

Well, there you have it. That’s how you can check the Apex Predator ranked leaderboards. For more, check out the new Apex Legends Bangalore Edition.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment