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Apex Legends fan creates Fuse Heirloom perfect for the Salvo Gladiator

An Apex Legends fan has created the perfect Heirloom for Fuse, giving brass knuckles a Fuse-themed overhaul.



Fuse in Apex Legends

Being one of the later characters to arrive in Apex Legends, Fuse hasn’t received an Heirloom yet. However, a fan has created the perfect Heirloom for the Aussie merc that includes a ton of lore references.

All of the original Apex Legends lineup have received their Heirlooms through Collection Events, and now Respawn Entertainment are working their way through all of the post-launch Legends.

Valkyrie received her Heirloom in Season 13’s Awakening Collection Event, and Loba’s has been leaked. Fuse is still to receive his, but a fan has come up with the perfect design for the Season 8 Legend.

Reddit user MaidenMonarch23 poured their “heart and soul” into creating the “Brass Bludgeoner” Heirloom concept for Fuse. This fan design takes a knuckleduster and gives it a Fuse-themed overhaul.

The Brass Bludgeoner Heirloom is colored the same as Fuse’s gold prosthetic arm, and takes his love for explosions into account. The letter on each knuckle spells out Fuse and “Boom!!” is emblazoned on the side, with bullets giving the brass knuckles some extra lethality.

There might also be a reference to Fuse’s old relationship with Mad Maggie, with spikes similar to her pouldron sticking out the side.

MaidenMonarch explained that they used “a TON of references and tried to mix various ideas together that fit with fuse.” They “wanted to center it around the lore Respawn released when he came out (fuse being a Salvo bone cage fighter) and his love of grenades, hence the grenade handle and pin.”

They’ve certainly done that, as the players were quick to shower the design with praise. “This is incredible!” said SaltfistTTV. “I’m so anxious to see Fuse’s heirloom, but I would love this.”

DoctorJordi_ said: “they should pay you for having done this, because if I was them, I’d make it the heirloom for fuse.”

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment