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Apex Legends exploit cancels Wraith’s tactical cooldown

Popular Apex Legends character, Wraith, seems to have a new exploit that players have found, making her tactical ability game breaking.



apex legends wraith

An Apex Legends player has found a very powerful exploit for Wraith, which could cause many problems for the developers and those going against her.

Wraith has always been a popular pick in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, keeping a consistent pick rate throughout the seasons. Wraith is picked regularly in public games, Ranked Leagues, and even the ALGS, which is currently holding the Championship.

Wraith has been dominant once again in Season 9: Legacy, especially due to Low Profile’s removal; however, a new exploit could make her even more broken.

apex legends wraith

Recently, we have seen a few odd bugs in Apex Legends, including a bug that was causing Gibraltar to take more damage from explosives. Further, we also saw the accidental Wattson fence nerf that was eventually fixed.

Now it seems we have a bug for popular Legend Wraith, which cancels the cool-down time on her Tactical, Into the Void.

Apex Legends Wraith exploit

Reddit user EztheHuman reported the issue to the Apex Legends sub-Reddit, stating that “If you time a wall bounce correctly during a wraith phase, you can cancel the cool down.”

Wraith’s tactical allows her to enter a phase mode where she is immune to any incoming damage for a period of time.

This exploit is powerful, as Wraith’s tactical usually takes 25 seconds to cool down, which is fairly long. Without the cool-down, this tactical can be very frustrating, as Wraith players will be able to stay alive and dodge incoming damage for longer than intended.

Although, as one of the comments suggests, not everybody can wall-bounce, this is still a glaring issue and will need to be addressed as soon as possible, especially in higher levels of play.

It’s great that the Apex Legends community addresses issues like this and attempts to let the devs know through spaces like Reddit. Usually, the Respawn Entertainment team is fairly quick at responding and fixing bugs, so we’ll have to wait and see when this one gets patched.

As another user commented on the post, please refrain from using this exploit in-game, as it is an exploit that players should be avoiding instead of using so that players can enjoy their experience.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment