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Apex Legends devs respond to incredible Fuse grenade win

An Apex Legends player won their first game using Fuse. The manner of the battle royale win even drew comments from the game’s devs.



apex legends season 8 fuse grenadier

The recent launch of Apex Legends Season 8 has introduced Fuse to the roster of Legends and someone has claimed victory in their first effort with Fuse. The video of the win has drawn some comments from the devs, also suggesting a future nerf is coming.

Fuse has hit the ground running with a literal bang. Apex Legend’s newest character is a master of the explosive arts and his personal armory would attest to this.

The game’s demolition expert has an awesome range of Abilities and a cool Ultimate. One of his standout gadgets is his Grenadier, a spring-loaded grenade launcher that can fire any of the game’s grenades at long-distances and great heights.

One player has already latched onto the destructive potential of Fuse by abusing the Grenadier weapon to defeat the final opponent in a game of battle royale. The footage was posted to Reddit and their surprise, not one but two of Respawn Entertainment’s devs saw the video and responded.

fuse grenadier in apex legends

The video in question was from Reddit user Twitch_Greedy_GG, and the gameplay footage showed the final seconds of a game of Apex Legends. They are using Fuse and do their best to make the most of him.

It was one squad trying to take out the final member of the remaining squad. Two of the three squad members were on the ground trying to rain down fire on the last player who was camped up high, but they are unable to score proper damage on the hiding player.

So our main player headed over to a nearby Black Market and stocked up on lots of grenades, made their way over, and pummeled the enemy’s location with a seemingly endless barrage of grenades. The grenades caused massive AOE damage and continuous damage effects to the point that the isolated player eventually died.

The huge supply of ammo and the enormous range of the weapon proved decisive, and the footage was made available for all to see on the game’s subreddit. Two of the comments came from Senior Game Designer DanielZKlein and Social Media Manager alex_RSPN of Respawn Entertainment.

Alex posted a complimentary message to the Fuse play, whereas Daniel’s response was a bit more intriguing as he said, “I’m just gonna link to this when we nerf him.”

It’s possible that this was posted in a jocular manner. But you do need to wonder that if Fuse’s weapons do prove to be overpowered and can usurp any of the game’s cover or hiding spots, will Respawn nerf him after all?

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment