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Apex Legends dev reveals serious worry with Vantage’s abilities

An Apex Legends dev has revealed their main concern when developing Vantage, having serious worries about how their abilities will feel.



apex legends Vantage aimingdown her sniper

The Lead Designer on Apex Legends has spoken out about the fears regarding the introduction and development of Vantage for Season 14.

Apex Legends Season 14 is almost among us, leaving players excited for the Level Cap increase, overhauled Kings Canyon map, and new Laser Sight attachment.

The update will not only bring buffs and nerfs to the weapons and Legends, but players will also gain a brand-new Legend in Vantage. The Season 14 Legend brings a unique, Sniper-based kit to the game, which the devs have revealed was a challenging process to develop.

Vantage’s abilities are focused on long-range, her Passive ability allows her to zoom in either unarmed or with a scope and gain information such as Legend name, shield rarity, team size, and range.

apex legends Vantage looking down her sniper

Speaking with Dexerto, Lead Designer for Apex Legends Chris Winder revealed that during the development process for Vantage, there were worries that the long-range playstyle would not be satisfying or accessible in a game with so much RNG.

Chris stated that this “problem compounded a little bit because to really play long-range as a sniper in Apex you need a sniper rifle and an optic, so you really need to roll the dice twice.”

In order to counter this worry, the devs felt it was the right choice to give Vantage a custom Sniper Rifle as her Ultimate, so that her long-range playstyle can always be tapped into, no matter what weapons the player chooses to pick up.

“We were worried about that. That was something we were sort of thinking about the whole time. I think having the ultimate as your sniper rifle with an optic on it definitely alleviates those fears, or potential fears, you might have and lets you sort of play into whatever loot game you feel like that game.”

This is also likely why Vantage’s Ultimate is the only one in the game that can be used even if it isn’t fully charged. It has a total of five shots if players charge it to 100%, but every 20% gives the player one bullet to use.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment