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Apex Legends dev addresses infuriating reload/revive controller restrictions in Season 11

An Apex Legends Season 11 player expressed their frustration over a controller restriction, which sparked a reply from one of the devs.



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One of the Apex Legends developers has addressed a controller player’s concerns over an aspect of gameplay that prevents reloading.

Apex Legends Season 11 has had a very smooth launch, with server issues at bay and loads of new content for players to experience.

Although most of the response has been very positive and players seem to be enjoying Storm Point, one player is unhappy with a particular aspect of controller gameplay that prevents reloading in certain situations.

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Apex Legends Reload/Revive Controller Issue

Reddit user sonhalo brought the issue to light in a recent post with the caption: “It’s S11. I’m tired of not being able to clutch up because controller forces a revive or finisher when I’m simply trying to reload.”

The problem is that controller players have multiple actions mapped to a single button. In certain situations, players will revive or finish an opponent while attempting to reload.

Ultimately, the interact button takes priority over reloading when in these situations. The video attached to the post highlights why this is an issue. The user states that this issue prevents them from “being able to clutch up”. When they attempt to reload they are instead forced to interact with their downed teammate.

This can happen in multiple situations like when players are standing near a door, near a downed teammate or enemy. One comment pointed out this happens even when you are playing a Legend with traps such as Caustic. “Same with caustic gas traps, I’m trying to reload and I pick up the trap I just set.”

Apex Dev responds to issue

This provoked a reply from Apex Legends developer RobotHavGunz, and it seems like an issue they are definitely willing to look into, but may be more complicated than it seems:

“The revive problem one is simpler than the door problem – there are definitely times when you want to prioritize shutting a door – but there are just complexities when you have limited inputs.”

The dev feels as if “reload should take [sic] always take priority if the magazine isn’t full,” but it isn’t as simple as one developer wanting a change.

We’ll have to see what happens in the future, but it would definitely make a lot of people happy if Respawn were to bring some sort of option to change the priority of the interact button in these situations, much like Warzone‘s Contextual Tap feature.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment