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Apex Legends Season 11: New Legend Ash revealed & lore explained

Apex Legends Season 11’s new Legend will be Ash, a popular figure among the community for her role in Titanfall and Arenas, but who is she?



apex legends ash

Apex Legends’ new Stories from the Outlands has revealed Ash as the Season 11 Legend, as well as Respawns latest giving fans more details on her lore, as well as the theme for the new season.

Apex Legends Season 11 has officially been revealed under the name “Escape.” The new season promises loads of new content for the ever-growing player base, including a brand new map, weapon, and Legend.

Although there has been loads of speculation concerning the new Legend, Respawn has officially confirmed it will be Ash, the host of the Arenas game mode.

Their latest trailer revealed some great lore behind the Legend so let’s get into it.

apex legends ash

In the latest Stories from the Outlands video on Apex Legends’ YouTube, Ash is officially revealed as the Season 11 Legend, providing more details on the lore of her character.

Although players are already familiar with the simulacrum version of Ash, there is still a lot about Dr. Ashleigh Reid that we don’t know about, apart from the fact that she threw Horizon into a black hole.

Apex Legends Ash lore

apex legends season 11 Ash

Ash tried to sabotage Horizon and the team of scientists that were solving the energy crisis in the Outlands but was ultimately stabbed in the back by Dr. Amelie (Pathfinder’s creator) when Pathfinder interrupted the process.

This leads straight into the latest Stories from the Outlands entitled “Ashes to Ash,” It picks up with Ash in critical condition with doctors suggesting that her mind can be salvaged. Ash is then turned into a simulacrum, a robot with the mind of a previously living human.

Ash then fights in the Frontier Wars with Kuban Blisk, but once she is defeated, Blisk throws her head into some sort of blue energy mass that seemingly causes her head to split into nine pieces that are then scattered across King’s Canyon.

apex legends ash

After being rebuilt through the Season 5 questline, she is reunited with Blisk and begins getting flashbacks of her previous life. This coincides with the trailer, which presents the internal conflict that starts after she is rebuilt.

The simulacrum version of Ash sees the mind of Dr. Ashleigh Reid as weak and the reason she was destroyed during the Frontier War and chucked away by Blisk. Horizon seems to have woken up Ash’s mind through a series of codes, believing she was someone else.

This internal battle will continue throughout the seasons, as well as her history with Horizon. We’ll have to see what happens with the Apex Legends character Ash in the future. Still, Respawn has done an unbelievable job so far to give the character so much lore and connection to the developing story of Apex Legends.

We don’t know much about her abilities, apart from some previous leaks. However, we’ll be covering it all on Charlie INTEL, so stay tuned.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment