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Apex Legends Arenas bug is preventing the replacement of Artillery for Thermal Station

Apex Legends released an update for Arenas recently, however, it seems players are still waiting to play the new map, Thermal Station.



Apex Legends Arenas leaver penalty

The latest Apex Legends Arenas update hasn’t gone as smoothly as many would have imagined, as players are still being placed in Artillery despite its removal and not in Thermal Station.

Apex Legends developers have been producing a bunch of content for players recently, from Valkyrie, Arenas, and the Bocek Bow, to the closed mobile beta launching in India and the Philippines.

While most of Apex Legends’ latest season has gone down pretty well with the community, the choppy release and recent Arenas update have presented further issues.

The new mode, Arenas, has received some great feedback, with players asking for a ranked playlist as soon as possible. The mode features rounds where players have to buy items each round and fight an intense 3v3. Victory depends on teamwork, as well as how you spend your Crafting Materials.

Apex Legends Arenas Thermal Station bug

Apex Legends Arenas Thermal Station

On May 18, Respawn Entertainment pushed out an update for the new 3v3 Arenas mode, which replaced Artillery with Thermal Station, a POI from World’s Edge.

Unfortunately, when players jumped on to experience the new Arenas map, they were actually loading into Artillery. Reddit user Sorpentera302 reported the issue, stating, “even the icon is of the new map, and it’s called thermal station when the map starts it is on artillery instead.”

While the Reddit user states that they were finally able to play on Thermal Station at the end of the post, this problem still persists, and players are still getting put into Artillery.

Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment can get this fixed as soon as possible, and players will be able to fully enjoy the new map, especially.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment