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Apex Legends 1.90 update: Console performance improvements, FPS fixes, more

The Apex Legends 1.90 update brings various fixes to the game, including the FPS issues which have been present since Season 12’s launch.



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Apex Legends has a brand new update in Season 12 as of March 1, which looks to bring additional console FPS improvements and various other bug fixes.

While the Mobile version of Apex Legends has been drawing a lot of attention in the community recently, Apex Legends Season 12 received a new update as of today.

While many will be sad about the Control LTM being removed in this update, there are some improvements that players will be happy about, especially if you’re playing on console.

Apex Legends 1.90 Update

While it’s unfortunate that we still don’t have a next-gen upgrade for Apex Legends, it’s great to see that the devs have been working hard to fix the FPS issues on consoles.

The 1.90 Apex Legends update comes in at 29 MB, which is pretty small but definitely has some fixes that players will be happy about.

Console performance & PC FPS drops fixes

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The previous update mentioned that there would be more fixes coming for FPS drops in Apex Legends, and it seems this 1.90 update brings exactly that.

Further, this update also seems to help PC players out, as they mention improvements for “Gen4 FPS drops” as well.

Client crashes & error fixes

As well as performance improvements on both console and PC, the update also brings “Fixes for various client crashes and errors.” For those who have been experiencing crashing and errors on Apex, this update looks to have brought fixes for a variety of these problems.

While it isn’t clear what errors have been fixed exactly, it’s safe to say that this update looks to provide more stability overall to the Apex experience.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment