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AFK Arena best Hero tier list: Best characters for PvP, PvE, and bosses

The abundance of heroes in AFK Arena can be overwhelming. Here’s a tier list that includes the best heroes for PvP, PvE, and boss battles.



Best Heroes in AFK Arena

The diverse cast of Heroes in AFK Arena is one of its most popular features but at the same time, it can lead to confusion during team-building. Here’s an AFK Arena best hero tier list that’ll help you choose the best teams for PvP, PvE, and boss battles.

AFK Arena gained prominence as an idle RPG that doesn’t compel its players to grind for hours. The developers claim that can fit it into your busy schedule easily and cherish the content without any skill-based barriers.

Although AFK Arena literally plays itself, unlocking the strongest characters is still prevalent in the community. This could be because players love collecting the best in-game items or because the end-game content in AFK Arena is quite challenging.

With this AFK Arena tier list, you’ll learn about the best Hero for every combat challenge in the game.

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AFK Arena tier list of best Heroes explained

Combat in AFK Arena can be PvE (player vs environment), PvP (player vs player), and a boss fight. A Hero might perform brilliantly against bosses but can be equally disappointing in PvE combat. Hence, we’ve compiled separate tier lists for PvE combat, PvP combat, and boss battles.

The Heroes placed in the S tier are the strongest while the ones placed in the D tier are the weakest.

Best AFK Arena Heroes for PvE combat

Best PvE Heroes in AFK Arena

PvE content in AFK Arena includes the campaign, the King Tower, and other challenges where you fight enemies created by the game. Luckily, you’ll be primarily playing PvE content and these characters with brilliant AoE damage will be useful most of the time.

SAinz, Lucretia, Raku, Grezhul, Rowan, Kren, Alna, Haelus
AMishka, Thoran, Daimon, Silas, Awakened Thane, Awakened Brutus, Audrae, Oden, Scarlet, Pippa, Albedo, Leonardo, Skriath, Raine, Kelthur, Khazard, Eiron, Desira, Canisa & Ruke, Zaphrael, Queen, Tasi, Vyloris, Astar, Gwyneth, Thesku
BMortas, Awakened Solise, Ferael, Awakened Baden, Rosaline, Lyca, Prince of Persia, Nevanthi, Awakened Talene, Merlin, Yennefer, Brutus, Framton, Eorin, Hodgkin, Fane, Mehira, Lorsan, Zolrath, Nara, Joker, Treznorm, Izold, Arthur, Ezio, Morrow, Nemora, Athalia, Oku, Ezizh, Respen, Flora, Skregs, Geralt, Gorvo
CMorael, Melusina, Saurus, Joan of Arc, Talene, Anasta, Awakened Ezizh, Orthros, Elijah and Lailah, Granit, Numisu, Safiya, Antandra, Alaro, Kalene, Thali, Tidas, Cecelia, Ukyo, Hendrik, Thane
DPeggy, Eluard, Titus, Sonja, Mezoth, Wu Kong, Zikis, Estrilda, Theowyn, Kaz, Vurk, Tarnos, Leofric, Belinda, Anoki, Baden, Drez, Khasos, Nakoruru, Solise, Satrana, Torne, Fawkes, Oscar, Shemira, Warek, Ulmus, Isabelle, Rigby, Seirus, Walker

Best AFK Arena Heroes for PvP combat

Best PvP Heroes in AFK Arena

PvP content in AFK Arena includes every game mode where you face real players from around the world. Generally, the level of competition is higher in PvP battles and these are the Heroes you should use for the best results:

SLucretia, Grezhul, Rowan, Silas, Awakened Thane, Awakened Brutus, Morael, Astar
AAinz, Haelus, Pippa, Albedo, Leonardo, Framton, Tasi, Eorin, Hodgkin, Melusina, Saurus, Fane, Vyloris, Awakened Ezizh, Nara, Joker, Treznor, Izold, Morrow, Nemora, Respen, Peggy, Titus, Wu Kong, Zikis
BRaku, Mishka, Thoran, Kren, Alna, Mortas, Daimon, Awakened Solise, Audrae, Feral, Awakened Baden, Rosaline, Lysa, Prince of Persia, Skriath, Raine, Nevanthi, Khazard, Awakened Talene, Merlin, Eiron, Yennefer, Zaphrael, Mehira, Talene, Lorsan, Orthros, Zolrath, Arthur, Ezio, Elijah and Lailah, Athalia, Oku, Ezizh, Flora, Gwyneth, Alaro, Kalene, Sonja, Leofric
COden, Scarlet, Desira, Canisa & Ruke, Brutus, Queen, Joan of Arc, Anasta, Granit, Safiya, Antandra, Thesku, Thali, Eluard, Tidas, Cecelia, Ukyo, Hendrik, Mezoth, Geralt, Gorvo, Vurk, Tarnos, Khasos, Nakoruru, Solise, Satrana, Torne
DKelthur, Numisu, Skreg, Thane, Estrilda, Theowyn, Kaz, Belinda, Anoki, Baden, Drez, Fawkes, Oscar, Shemira, Warek, Ulmus, Isabelle, Rigby, Seirus, Walker

Best AFK Arena Heroes for boss fights

Best Heroes for boss fights in AFK Arena

Bosses are the toughest PvE enemies in AFK Arena that are infamous for being tanky and powerful. These include Kane, Demonic Entity, Ice Shemira, Dark Arden, and Burning Brute. These enemies are quite intimidating but these Heroes should make things easier:

SAlna, Mortas, Morael, Saurus, Talene
AAinz, Grezhul, Awakened Brutus, Hodgkin, Vyloris, Izold, Elijah & Lailah, Ezizh, Peggy,
BLucretia, Raku, Rowan, Silas, Awakened Thane, Awakened Solise, Audrae, Haelus, Rosaline, Raine, Khazard, Zaphrael, Eorin, Melusina, Astar, Nara, Joker, Arthur, Ezio, Wu Kong, Zikis, Geralt, belinda, Solise
CMishka, Thoran, Kren, Daimon, Oden, Scarlet, Pippa, Albedo, Awakened Baden, Lysa, Prince of Persia, Skriath, Nevanthi, Awakened Talene, Merlin, Eiron, Yennefer, Canisa & Ruke, Brutus, Tasi, Lorsan, Awakened Ezizh, Orthros, Zolrath, Morrow, Nemora, , Athalia, Oku, Respen, Flora, Gwyneth, Safiya, Antandra, Kalene, Eluard, Kaz, Vurk, Tarnos, Leofric, Drez, Khasos, Nakoruru
DFerael, Lenardo, Kelthur, Desira, Queen, Framton, Fane, Joan of Arc, Mehira, Anasta, Treznor, Granit, Alaro, Skreg, Thesku, Thali, Tidas, Cecelia, Ukyo, Hendrik, Thane, Titus, Sonja, Mezoth, Gorvo, Estrilda, Theowyn, Anoki, Satrana, Torne, Fawkes, Oscar, Shemira, Warek, Ulmus, Isabelle, Rigby, Seirus, Walker

With this guide, you should be able to form a team of AFK Arena characters that can perform well in all situations. To further improve them, check out our AFK Arena tier list of the best Artifacts for every Hero.

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