Raven Software says if they became a lead developer on CoD, they’d make a modern-era game

In an interview with charlieINTEL, David Pellas, Raven Software’s Studio Director, talked a lot about the process and how they brought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered to life. We have posted many details he did share, and you can check that our here.

But, during the interview, a question was also asked on would Raven like to be a lead developer on Call of Duty and how they would design that game.

Pellas’ immediately responded with a “yes” when asked if they would like to become the a lead developer on Call of Duty in the future.

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Being able to work on the most successful game every year, that’s something Raven has been able to do for a long time.

Raven Software has been working on Call of Duty for a while now. They started back in Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 and has been working on every Call of Duty game since then, supporting the lead studio each year in one way or another.

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Specifically, he said that the team would want to bring a Call of Duty game back in the modern-era and time frame.

It would be the gameplay first. Boy we sure do like the modern time period. So, you know what, we haven’t even really discussed that. But I can tell you that our team is we are all in on this game and this time period feels so good.

And I think given that we had AW (Advanced Warfare) which was slight future, Black Ops 3 which was a little bit further future, and now we have Infinite Warfare which is very far future, I think there are be a good group of people at Raven that are like ‘hey what if we were to bring this back to modern times.’ So I would say that that’s probably where we would start.

We would go with what the team is excited about today and that’s definitely modern.

As of now, however, Raven Software is not a lead developer on Call of Duty in terms of the yearly cycle. They’re focused on Modern Warfare Remastered and the China exclusive Call of Duty Online game.

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