President Trump said US delivered F-52 aircrafts to Norway, but ‘F-52’s only exist in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

During a press conference with the Prime Minster of Norway, President Donald Trump stated that the United States had delivered F-52 fighter jets to Norway in November of 2017.

“In November we started delivering the first F-52s and F-35 fighter jets,” Trump said. “We have a total of 52 and they’ve delivered a number of them already a little ahead of schedule.”

The problem? F-52 fighter jets do not exist in real life; the F-52 is a fictional jet that exists in the world of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare only.

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Trump was highlighting the growing relationship between U.S and Norway as he talked about the defense agreements. Washington Post reports that this could be a verbal slip-up, and Trump may have combined what his teleprompter said and instead of highlighting the US delivering 52 F-35s to Norway, ended up saying F-52.

Lockheed Martin, the defense company behind the fighter jets, stated that they only delivered F-35s to Norway so far in 2017. F-52 is not something currently available.

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Washington Post says the White House declined to comment on whether or not President Trump is a Call of Duty fan.

Sledgehammer Games and Activision did not issue a statement either to Washington Post.

Here’s a video from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare showing the F-52 in action:

SOURCE: Washington Post

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