New gameplay, screenshots, and details on the Cyborg Zombies mode for China’s CoD Online

LiamFTWinter has posted new gameplay, and sent us new information and screenshots from the China-exclusive Call of Duty Online’s newest mode called Cyborg Zombies. This new mode was revealed a few weeks ago, and has been available for players for about a month. This mode is a remastered version of Black Ops’s zombies mode.

New details:

  • 11 Rounds per game. After 11 rounds are completed you call for evac and escape the map
  • Each character has 3 pieces of special equipment ranging from Gersch Devices to a device that shrinks zombies.
  • Each character has 2 perks that they earn for completing round 3 and round 6.
  • 2 maps available, remakes of Nacht Der Untoten and Verruckt
  • Perks available on the maps are speed cola, juggernog, double tap and quick revive
  • During evacuation you are attacked by cyborg dogs as well as zombies
  • When a player dies they drop a dog tag. A player can then run over the dog tag and choose to revive the player. Each player has 3 chances to revive other players.
  • There are collectibles on both maps, they look to be story related but I’m not sure because they’re all in chinese.

New screenshots:

SOURCE: CoD S Gamer via LiamFTWinter

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