Activision Community Manager, Dan Amrich, leaves Activision

Activision’s Community Manager, Dan Amrich, is no longer with Activision. Dan was known as OneOfSwords over at Activision and has been there for a while now. He’s been working as their overall Community Manager on all Activision franchises. Dan has announced via his personal Twitter, @DanAmrich, that he has joined Ubisoft to work as a Community Developer at Studio SF at RockSmith Games.

Today, he posted his last blog post on talking about his departure:

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There was something special about Monday’s post regarding the Call of Duty Championships, but with any luck, you didn’t even notice. I didn’t write it; my friend MacLean Marshall did. Mac has been a gamer working in the industry for years, legendary for his exploits at E3, gamescom and Poquito Mas. Mac and a small team of friends at Activision will be taking the reins of One of Swords from here, while I move on to tackle a new adventure in San Francisco. I’ve wanted to return to the Bay Area for a while now, and I’ve been given an opportunity back there that I simply can’t pass up. As Harry Nilsson sang, I’m going where the weather suits my clothes.

I joined Activision four years ago with the goal of building a two-way bridge between the company and its fans, simultaneously pulling back the curtain while standing in front of it. I had been given the freedom to find my voice and build a community of people who love games as much as I do. I also got to champion games like Blur and Prototype 2, shine a light on some people who don’t get enough credit, and even interview my boyhood hero, Pitfall! creator David Crane. And of course, I got to meet a lot of gamers and play tons of games with them — which is the point, really.

Dan says that a small team at Activision will be taking over for the future.

SOURCE: OneOfSwords

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