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Activision acquires Digital Legends studios as Call of Duty mobile development expands

Activision is expanding its mobile development teams to release a new unannounced Call of Duty mobile title.



blackout in cod mobile season 8

Activision has announced they have acquired a mobile game development studio, Digital Legends Entertainment, which will work on mobile games for Activision Publishing.

Digital Legends studio is based out in Barcelona, Spain and is the developer behind many successful mobile game titles, including The Respawnables.

Activision says Digital Legends will be a wholly-owned, independent studio team as part of the Activision Publishing family. The group includes Beenox, Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Demonware, Sledgehammer Games, Toys for Bob, Activision Shanghai Studio, High Moon Studios, and Raven Software.

Digital Legends will work with Activision’s teams to produce a new unannounced Call of Duty mobile title that is currently in development.

“This is an incredible team of development pros at Digital Legends, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the Activision team,” said Rob Kostich, President, Activision. “This is a great step forward as we continue to build additional world-class development resources focused on creating exciting and innovative content for our players.”

“Digital Legends’s tenure developing highly-polished mobile titles is unparalleled,” said Chris Plummer, Head of Mobile, Activision. “More importantly though, our teams already have been collaborating very closely for much of this year. We are building a world-class mobile development roster of talent and teams, and we look forward to what’s to come.”

Becoming part of the Activision family is an exciting time for us at Digital Legends,” said Xavier Carrillo-Costa, CEO and Founder, Digital Legends. “The addition of our team with years of expertise in high-quality mobile titles for mobile composed by industry veterans and emerging talent will only bolster Activision’s growing mobile talent pool. We’re very excited for the opportunity to work on one of the greatest franchises in the world.”

Activision says that Digital Legends has already been working closely with their teams on mobile development all year long, and now the team is officially integrated into the Activision Publishing family.

A new unannounced Call of Duty mobile game has been in development and mentioned by Activision executives for months now. The company recently established a new internal mobile games studio, which now has an official name: Solid State.

The new Call of Duty mobile game is in development by Digital Legends, Solid State, Beenox, and Activision Shanghai Studios.

Images from Digital Legends / Activision (Call of Duty: Mobile, released in 2019)