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Activision Confirms There Will Be OVER 24 Pieces of DLC Content



UPDATE 2: Activision has officially confirmed there will be at least 24 Content drops –AS WE PREVIOUSLY REPORTED ON MARCH 2nd 😉

Previous Reported on March 2nd:

During Activision’s announcements on wednesday, the official MW3 Content Calendar received a minor update.

  • They have added another “Classified” drop for May (Xbox) bringing total Content Drops to- 22
There are currently 4 “classified” drops on the content calendar. Lots of speculation on what those are, rumors are circulating that it may be anywhere from gun DLC to Campaign DLC.
UPDATE 1: It appears Fourzerotwo recently replied to someone via Twitter and indicated that there are OVER 24 pieces of content. We’re not sure if this is a typo or if more stuff is in the works.
SOURCE: Joystiq