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“Prestige Emblems” REVEALED during ELiTE’s Update



Waleed (aka RedDraXon) located 15 images named “Prestige-Image-1” all the way through “Prestige-Image-15” when ELiTE was updated last night. Still no confirmation on what order they will be and also it’s still unclear if one of them is the “Prestige Master” emblem or if 11-15 are place holders or clan related. All we can confirm is that the images were labeled “1-15”.

UPDATE: Just to clarify for some folks who don’t know what “place holder” means. Emblems 12-15 are from the original Black Ops (we thought most people would know), we’re not sure why they’re there, it’s possibly just in case they decide to add more Prestiges levels later on. Emblem “11” on the other hand…

Rumored “Prestige Master” emblem:

[nggallery id=415]



UPDATE: have located Zombie Emblems & League Emblems Via @BlackHawkLex

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SOURCE: ELiTE Via Waleed (RedDraXon)